I wanna be the hollow

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9.3 / 10
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66.5 / 100
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An incredible boss rush game, with bosses taken from a number of other indie games. What makes this game so cool is how well it replicates the feel of the original games. Each boss feels like you're playing a boss from a different game, because you are.

Boss 1: The Core - Just Shapes and Beats
I haven't played this game, but I really liked the boss. It's an avoidance rather than a boss like the rest, and it's synced up to an awesome song, just like JSaB is known for. There are a lot of cool attacks that have you jumping around the entire arena.

Boss 2: High Dragun - Enter the Gungeon
I have played Gungeon, so I can safely say that Hollow does an incredible job of remaking a top down boss in a side view platformer. The memorable attacks all show up, and it has the dodge heavy feel that Gungeon is centered around. It even features the super iconic final phase, which is one of the coolest things I've seen in a game so I'm glad it came back here.

Boss 3: Headhunter - Katana Zero
I've also played Katana Zero, and it was fun to see such a memorable fight from that game show up here. The boss is focused on fast reactions, sweeping lasers, and bombs everywhere. It's a hectic and enjoyable fight.

Boss 4: Providence - Void Memory
I haven't even heard of this game (and from the Steam reviews that's for a good reason). This boss was my least favorite, and it was also the hardest by far from the first four bosses. The boss itself honestly just feels like a worse reskin of the Pure Vessel from Hollow Knight (and the game agrees, it uses the Pure Vessel song instead of something from the original game). You need much higher reaction time than anything of the other bosses, or else you're gonna die to a teleport sword slash. The boss also raises black rectangles from the floor, which aside from looking kind of ugly, have unexplainable hitboxes. The second phase barely changes anything, just forcing a couple deaths to learn the new reactions you have to do. This boss also feels much more tanky than the others, and without a meaningful second phase it's a slog to get through.

Final Boss: Radiance - Hollow Knight
This is the hardest boss in the game, but that fits the expectation from fangames and Hollow Knight, and it feels more fair than Providence. The boss has several attacks, requiring many different types of dodges. It also requires the reaction speed to get away from it if it teleports on top of you. The side swords attack feels like it can RNG-screw you sometimes, but a well timed dash can mitigate that. The first phase ends with a frantic rain of swords, and then it's on to the second phase. This part is harder, featuring the same attacks but less space to dodge them. However, it still feels fair, you just have to get used to running away from the boss. At the end of this phase, you get to do the iconic climb as lasers rain from above, and then a short final attack. This part is fairly easy, but requires you to keep your cool and is easily chokable. Overall, the boss is a fitting climax to a great game, and it feels great to finally take it down.

This game is an easy recommendation, and one of the highest quality fangames I've played. It can be played with no knowledge of the original fights, but if you have played them, then this game will feel like returning to an old friend.

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 70 70
Jul 22, 2022
A pure boss rush game, inspired by a number of other indie 2d games in the same vein. I assume I beat the game, but there seems to be no clear screen but nowhere new to go either and all credited music is accounted for (info gives spoilers to the extent of the game, though its quickly apparent regularly anyway).

The first thing is that the production of this game is amazing. Everything looks great, the effects are tasteful and never annoying or visually obstructive to gameplay, animations are clean and everything that feels like it should have a sound effect does, all very well executed.

It is a pure boss rush game, where there is a full array of bosses to choose from which leads into a final encounter upon completing them all. The main set of bosses runs the gambit of many different styles, and even though some of those styles I typically don't like, I found myself enjoying the main set of bosses in this game a lot. My one gripe would be that difficulty is almost always backloaded on them, meaning you'll be chugging through some easy parts over and over again.

After that is the final boss, this is where the game kind of lost me. It starts great but really drags out, with each subsequent phase having a subset of the previous phases attacks, and generally feeling less fair. The final phase in particular felt really meh, with the boss only having one attack and taking reduced damage, meaning you had to do that same attack probably a dozen or more times Most of the deaths from this boss feel like they end up being attack overlap or the boss teleporting basically right on top of you and doing an attack (due to RNG, not an in-your-face style boss design). Thankfully this doesn't seem to gate anything, so if its a concern, you can definitely just take the 'play what interests you' approach to the game.

Still, it does have really interesting bosses and is presented in such a way that you needn't worry about having to beat it all if you aren't interested in doing so, so I'd absolutely recommend for anyone interested in moderate to challenging boss fights to give it a shot, even if you don't plan on beating the bosses, they're great to look at as they're very polished and loaded with production value.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 70 70
Jun 1, 2020
It's a fangame with the theme of Hollow Knight, an excellent indie game that makes good inspiration for games like these. You start immediately with a boss rush of four different selections, there could be more after that, haven't gotten that far in yet. Besides music fitting the original soundtrack of Hollow Knight, you also get an additional "dash" move that operates more or less the same it does in the game. This allows you to dash through an attack without getting hurt, or to move faster if needed.

I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for some good bosses to brighten their day. Be sure to edit your controls which you can do in-game as traditional controls are not default.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
May 29, 2020
Final boss ruined the whole experience.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 75 75
Jul 15, 2022

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 68 68
May 30, 2020