I wanna feel my hero

Creator: Astroman

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5.0 / 10
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79.0 / 100
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Adventure (2) Needle (2) Boss (2)


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It's a large game filled with extremely obnoxious needle saves and terrible bosses that I simply could not take anymore. I've seen enough in the game within 2 stages to think it could have been a lot better if someone actually took the time to do testing with it, but unfortunately, it boiled down to having what I assume is none or at least any with good intentions for the game (the readme credits nobody for it). I stopped at the second boss, which is against a sword that hones one you, but adds a killer trail to itself in its 2nd phase. It's annoying, pretty mash heavy, and the one segment where it teleports near you is absolutely obnoxious with a demand of near perfect reflexes.

I think there is potential here from this maker, but they need to absolutely get some people to test stuff before releasing it. The difficulty needs to be nerfed completely, even the starting stage is pretty hard for needle. The first boss needs the apples to be bigger so they can be shot easier. The second boss needs less health. And if Kurath is to be believed, everything else past this point needs adjustment too.

Until a heavy update is made to this, I do not think it is worth playing nor would I recommend it.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 79 79
Feb 16, 2022
Feel my hero is a hefty ... I'm going to say needleventure game with some serious bite and a lot of filler content, but a few shining points throughout. As it states in the readme, 7 stages and 10 bosses provides a solid amount of content.

Production wise, its simplistic but competent, does the bare minimum but never creates a problem with it, and looks pleasant enough. Sound design exists, but barely, which would've added a bit more life to the bosses but atleast it was there.

Platforming wise, its pretty throwaway. There are almost a couple minor gimmicks, which is certainly a step down from what I'd hope from a needleventure game, but beyond that, it generally gets less inspired as time goes on though not necessarily harder (atleast until the last platforming save which is just two inver jumps - ie bhop required - which is total shit since the platforming isn't really the hard part of the game and this is somewhat of a super tedious wall) - early stages have some personality with cherry platforming, light triggers or some minor engine gimmicks, whereas later is just flat ordinary needle.

At any rate, the heft of the game comes from the bosses. These vary fairly heavily in quality but were certainly the drawing factor for me to keep going. They very frequently also suffer from 'i'm going to have an enrage phase which makes the fight so much harder than before that 75% of the fight is borderline meaningless timesink' - the attacks being basically just the same plus harder every time does make it feel like a lot of attempts are just timesinks until you get to that point.

The plus of it is that every boss feels different (sort of) and has its own identity, and there's some interesting attacks/patterns to figure out along the way. The sort of in the above is due to the fact that right before the final boss, there's a boss rush remix. They were changed up moderately, with the exception of one which while different, still boiled down to one attack being 10x the problem of the rest, and it being the exact same attack as last time, but for the most part it was still enjoyable. While they were interesting and enjoyable as a whole, the only boss that really stood out for me was the final boss. As such, it feels like the kind of game where to get the most out of it, you're committed to going through a fair bit of mediocrity to get to the part that matters (similar to the boss design, I suppose).

At any rate, it was alright. It did very little to impress, lacked a ton of polish and had a fair bit of uninteresting filler, but it also had some really solid core concepts in places and some ambition behind it and could've been really good with actual testplaying and tweaking. If you're looking for a fairly challenging boss focused game that harkens back a bit to the olden days, this could tickle your fancy for a while.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 79 79
Jan 28, 2022