Creators: Po4ti__, Arche, Fallenfor

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8.2 / 10
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59.0 / 100
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Adventure (8) Avoidance (4) Gimmick (3) Boss (5) Different_Engine (1)


  • by Nick24

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Po4ti__ [Creator]
Lastest Version: 1.0.4
Player physics have been changed and last boss has been nerfed.

Short adventure game made with my own made engine that uses TimeMachine 2 sprites/sounds and custom physics.

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Mar 23, 2022

12 Reviews:

A pretty solid adventure game using the TTT2 engine.

Its definitely got some janky feel associated with it due to the fact that (atleast for me) the TTT2 kid does not feel as good for platforming, but this is mostly mitigated by balancing the saves relatively well, with a lot of short segments when it decides to get wild. Some of the segments still felt awkward just because it felt like a lot of typical fangame concepts applied to the new engine, which just sometimes doesn't work, but mostly it was good.

The production is overall great, and looks amazing throughout despite the super low TTT2 style resolution (aka, don't play in regular window size).

Finally, the bosses are a major component of the game time and do feel a fair bit harder than the platforming to progress through, but not in a way that's problematic at all. It felt well balanced for it to be an even split between platforming and boss time for reasonable lengthy stages. I definitely enjoyed the regular bosses. They are very much the TTT2 style - expect a lot of sequential or fast cycling mostly pattern attacks that you need to figure out consistent strats for. The real drag however is the final avoidance after the final boss though, which was an unfortunate way to end the game as it has a slow, pretty boring intro with barely any music that somehow comprises nearly half the entire fight, and a lot of repetitive, similar attacks. This in a nearly pure pattern avoidance just means you die to the same thing repeating and it just was not very engaging.

Still, game has a ton to offer prior to that point, and I'd recommend playing it if you don't mind the physics and like this style of adventure game. I wouldn't fault anyone for not playing the final avoidance, though atleast its not harder or going to take longer than anything up to that point.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 60 60
May 9, 2022
Наконец-то игра на "доработанном" (написанным с нуля) движке ТТТ2. Одобряю, побольше бы таких игр.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 55 55
Mar 22, 2022
This is an adventure game that has a lot of potential but unfortunately falls short of giving me any sense of actual enjoyment due to the bosses.

Making every boss serve as a pattern is boring and tedious and removes the actual fight aspect in my eyes, the second boss in particular seems like such a slog to get through that I dropped the game on it. I think this aspect makes them feel less action-packed unlike stuff like Timemachine 2 or Justice Guy and would be a lot better if they actually felt more like fights instead of avoidances. Outside of this, I thought the platforming of the first stage was pretty good, but the second dipped in quality due to the over-usage of the pushers.

Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend this unless you like bosses that are mostly pattern-based and learny.

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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 60 60
Apr 5, 2023
A mostly good game with a few questionable moments.

The first stage is pretty solid, the bean gimmick is fine although it took me a bit to realize that I should shoot downwards at the beans rather than jump onto them at certain parts. The first boss is pretty straight forward and solid, not much to say.

The second stage is my favourite, lots of cool platforming with cycles involving saw blades and crushers. Some nitpicks about it would be the one save where you have to let the crusher push you horizontally over the spikes was a little silly and it wasn't immediately clear that you have to shoot the chains to let the iron blocks fall.

The third stage was pretty good and also pretty tough. It features cool gimmicks involving ice blocks (not ice physics, don't worry) as well as some more cycles. I thought it was pretty solid although I think some parts were unnecessarily precise.

The fourth stage was alright but I had a few issues with it. I was not a fan of the skull chase gimmick, it didn't add much to the platforming other than the need to do it mostly fast, while also sometimes waiting to lure the skull a bit. The lava crystal gimmick on the other hand was fine, and I think should've completely replaced the skull as a way to make the player go fast. The lava boats were ok but had an issue with their sides being solid platforms. During sections where you must chase the boat and jump out of it, you may land on the side of the boat which is thin causing you to fall a bit before you jump, thus eating your double jump. The lava chase sequence was cool, although I think the first part of the last save was unnecessarily precise. The final boss was mostly cool, but a little too long for my taste. You can't damage him unless you shoot the crosses he shoots at you back at him during the final attack phase, making most of the fight pattern avoidance with a little RNG.

Then, for whatever reason, after the final boss is an avoidance. I don't understand why it was considered a good idea to make an avoidance in a game where the kid's sprite is tall, the kid has momentum, and the normal final boss is already 80% avoidance anyways. The avoidance is pretty simple and underwhelming. The majority of it is pattern and just requires you to stand in the right spots, there's plenty of attacks that will instagib a blind player as well. There's a nasty dodge in the middle that is precise thanks to the kid's height which gave me some grief. The end of the avoidance has a lot of RNG, which can be very mean and pretty much wall you, not a good thing to top off your avoidance with. Honestly, if the avoidance utilized the ducking and sliding moves of this game's engine, I'd at least have some respect for it, but as it stands, it's just a mediocre avoidance made worse by being in an engine clearly not made for avoidance.

Overall I still think this is a mostly good game that would be worth checking out if you're interested. I will say however, that if you're interested in the action-y moveset this game has, I'd personally say Take the Time Machine 2 and Justice Guy did a better job and would recommend those before this one.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 26, 2022
Движок говно, из-за инерции делать небольшие движения неприятно, подкат активируется движением из приседа, часто случайно, стрельба просто почему-то ощущается странно. Сам левел-дизайн довольно хороший, боссы выглядят интересно, с удовольствием прошёл бы на нормальном движке, будь то какой-нибудь Yoyoyo или нормально реализованный ЖГ-движок

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Mar 25, 2022