MKey Medley v1.0

Creator: MKey

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6.9 / 10
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68.7 / 100
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Needle (2) Avoidance (3) Trap (1) Gimmick (1) Medley (5) Boss (2) Puzzle (2) Minigame (1)


  • by fruityberry

Creator's Comments:

MegaKid [Creator]
v1.0.3 (07/05/2024): Avoidance 3 and Final Boss 1 Nerfed, fixed Distant avoidance bug
Finally, i made it !
It took almost 1000 days to complete this project with all of my passion.
Big medley game with many idea from old to new
Have fun !

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 70 70
May 6, 2024

11 Reviews:

Mostly agreed with Pluto's review. The game as a whole is relatively enjoyable (with a few questionable boss inclusions) but I would have liked to see more original content. The last stage did a pretty good job at including original ideas and cobbling together a medley-style final boss, but up to that point it is mostly just taking content from other games and putting a frame around it. The screen picks themselves are quite innovative for a medley, with a wide variety of needle, trap, gimmick and adventure platforming. I would have personally found it more interesting if there was some more original screens and bosses surrounding that content. You could see it more as a "collection" of screens, rather than a cohesive medley that synthesizes everything together. That being said, it's still enjoyable and the production value is nice, along with some creative original content in the last stage. Would still recommend giving a try.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 70 70
May 11, 2024
This game features cool screen picks, tons of variety and good production value. It is pretty fun to play.
But basically everything in the game is made by someone else, with very few additions or alterations made to it. It is incredibly clear to me that most of the game was taken from decompiled or sourced GMKs and just inserted into the game. Getting everything imported correctly must have taken a lot of work, but it just results in a game that lacks identity. Final bosses from games that had buildup are taken now without context which is part of what made them work. Difficulty fluctuates a lot too cause of this lack of willingness to change anything.
There's a few cool ideas played around with that are original to this medley, but the vast majority of the content is basically unchanged from other games which makes for very little to review.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: N/A
May 7, 2024
This game is new so I will spoiler tag the review just in case.

MKey Medley is a unique medley in a lot of ways, largely in the screens it picks. The game has a lot more variety in terms of gameplay, where most medleys stick to needle for their stages, this game has different mini-games, puzzles, standard needle and more gimmicky platforming to spice things up and make different sections feel fresh. The first two stages demonstrate this quite well, so many games both new and old, and the game doesn't stick to one boss per stage or anything, all of these things make the game feel very unique in terms of structure.

The bosses of this game are probably one of the biggest things that deserve to be talked about, this game does not use traditional medley style bosses (with one potential exception) and instead the bosses are usually just the original boss with very minor or potentially no changes. I think this leads to potentially the biggest drawback of the game, the lack of original content. This might seem silly to complain about in a medley, but the only things in this game which are truly original are the hubs in stage 4 and 5 which are relatively minor, and the final boss. This is not an objective flaw with the game, but I do think some of the appeal of medleys is seeing how they can create their own unique things using other stuff as a base, some of the most iconic sections of any medley tend to be their medley style bosses which combine a bunch of different fights into one grand battle. The final boss of MKey Medley does deliver in this regard and it's a really cool fight, especially in the second phase, but I wish there was more to make the game stand out from what it's taking it's screens from. I think where this design hurts the game the most is when there is a section used that you didn't like in the original game, it's likely mostly the same here. Notably for me, boss 3 is an avoidance from Permanence 2 I already wasn't big on, but replaying it here was very frustrating and was the weakest part of the game for me. In general stage 3 was probably the low point of the game for me, I mostly enjoyed it but stuff like the M2 screen and the I Don't Wanna Play A Trick On You screens were not my thing.

Stages 4 and 5 are really good, I really enjoy most of the stuff from stage rush, in particular the use of the Collab 2 Dotkid avoidance was a treat. Stage 5 in particular was my favorite part of the entire game, it takes the format of a magic tower style thing, no stats just keys and various fights which follow the medley format. Everything here was enjoyable and it was just so cool to see, the usage of the classic minigame made me laugh a lot. I've already touched on the final boss, to go slightly more in depth I think the first phase feels a bit unbalanced, there's some major choke points like the beginning of Permanence 2 which can be realy nasty and I also had trouble with the start of remilia because lining up the gaps in the keys was hard. I have no complaints about phase 2 though, it was a fantastic send off for the game. Overall the game is really fun, it has ups and downs but it's mostly high points and I found myself enjoying my time with it far more often than not. I wish there was more original content but this game probably has some of the best pure medley gameplay in any game, and it's really amazing that it got finished. Recommended for sure.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 67 67
May 6, 2024
The hot new medley game that does things a little different.
Honestly I enjoyed most of the game. Some parts were noticeably harder than others and I didn't enjoy all of the game picks but that is to be expected with a format like this.

I don't mind that there were mostly no changes to the screens / no medley bosses. A medley doesn't need to alter any gameplay for me to respect it as a decent medley.
The picks, the order you place them in and the presentation matter a LOT though. And for the most part this game nails that.

Game ends on a very high note with a very well put together and really long medley boss, even though it was too learn-heavy and difficult for me to enjoy the first half of the fight. Still impressive though! Would recommend!

Here is a maybe unique idea for a medley: Pick a room from a game you like or maybe with a mechanic you really enjoyed and include it unchanged. Have the second room be completely original but use the tileset / mechanics that were established in the first room. That way you switch between the known and the unknown. That way it's half borrowed half original.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
May 16, 2024
This game is full of cool concepts but the composition of it has a lot of room for improvement. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but the transitions all seemed very sudden and disconnected from each other, making it feel like more of a compilation than a medley. One reason for this could be the lack of medley-ness in all but the final bosses, and the general lack of alteration to the pre-existing content.

The game also suffers from having high variance of quality. That is, not the production value, but the quality of the content itself. There are some good peaks (distant, arcana) and some bad lows (boss 3, the parmanence picks). Another thing is the use of seeded RNG, which I personally really don't enjoy, it feels really lame.

Overall the game is quite fun at parts, but the general experience feels strange and was difficult for me to immerse into in the same way that medleys want to allow.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: N/A
May 14, 2024