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45 Games

GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I Wanna Vibe With The Gods 75.0 10.0
I wanna shiver 75.0 10.0
I wanna hear Okurimono Sunday 25.0 10.0
Alphazetica 67.0 10.0
I Wanna Save My Boy 75.0 10.0
I Wanna Classic Adventure 40.0 9.8
I wanna go the Trap Way 3 56.0 9.8
I Wanna Kill the Kermit 3 83.0 9.8
I Wanna End My Growth 32.0 9.6
I wanna get better with avoidances 60.0 9.5
I Wanna Go To The Otherside 60.0 9.5
I Wanna Kill The Genesis 75.0 9.5
Erik Is Nigh 31.0 9.3
I wanna be the Blocktroid 2 35.0 9.0
MONMOUTHIAN Cell Dream 70.0 9.0
not so generic long save 75.0 9.0
I wanna best the 50 floors 62.0 9.0
I wanna go the Trap Way 2 32.0 9.0
I Wanna Survive The Gadget-Takeover 40.0 8.8
I Wanna Reach The Final Destination 52.0 8.6
I wanna have a Random Adventure 18.0 8.5
I wanna be the Common Spike 2 55.0 8.5
I wanna get crimsoned 2 78.0 8.3
I Wanna Bugtrash 63.0 8.3
I wanna love the YU-NO 22.0 8.2
I Wanna Lick The Feet 70.0 8.0
I wanna be the Crimson 75.0 8.0
I wanna be the Blocktroid 35.0 8.0
I wanna destroy the Sirius 60.0 8.0
I Wanna Escape The Funny Red Miku 70.0 8.0
I Wanna Do The Funny Jump 40.0 8.0
I wanna go the trap way 35.0 7.8
I Wanna Win The Miku [Official Release] 45.0 7.5
I wanna go the 7 colors 60.0 7.0
I wanna DSD1 35.0 6.5
I wanna huwahuwa spikes 52.0 6.2
I wanna die with you 35.0 6.0
I Wanna Hang 45.0 6.0
banana pudding 3 72.0 4.8
I wanna be the nantoka 15.0 4.5
I wanna be the rambing 8.0 3.8
I wanna be the Chris Needle 35.0 3.5
I wanna Break the Blackcat HELL Spike 62.0 1.8
Do not say that idiot N/A N/A
I wanna Tonchiki N/A N/A

36 Reviews

For: not so generic long save
Thanks for making! :)
Had a wonderful time with this save. Loved the little cherry avoidance part and that every room had a different concept / feel to it. It never got boring. An amazing gift <3

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Tagged as: Needle long-save
[9] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 75 75
Dec 28, 2021
For: I wanna hear Okurimono Sunday
You can't make a better avoidance game than this. You can make it harder or easier, but not better.

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[2] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 25 25
Dec 1, 2021
For: I Wanna Kill The Genesis
Great ideas. Flows well. Tons of content. Variety. Achievements. Not a medley. Loved it!

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 75 75
Nov 17, 2021
For: I Wanna Vibe With The Gods
What can I say. I went into this game expecting to be greeted by brilliancy and was instead welcomed by a divinity of level design. This is, without a doubt, a strong 10/10 for me.

The levels / trials are randomly generated and each one presents a unique challenge for the player. Most of the ideas here I've never seen used in a fangame before, which can obviously go both ways. You either like them or you don't.
After passing each trial none of them left a sour taste in my mouth. I absolutely fell in love with every single one. Some more so than others obviously but that's to be expected with such a broad variety of ideas.

The boss at the end is the second greatest fangame boss ever for me. Number one still belongs to Kermit 3's final boss but that's because I share a love with the Kermit series no other fangame could ever sever I'm afraid. Still, this boss might look daunting at first but after you figure out how it works you can't deny its absolute genius.
Not only do the attacks have some of the most unique ideas used in any boss ever but they're also super fun to dodge. Pulling off this combination is a greater challenge than solving a specific trial this game has to offer. If you beat this game you'll know which one I'm talking about.

I'd say this game should take an experienced player around 3-5 hours to beat. Not recommended for beginners though. Thank you for creating this masterpiece Watson.

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Tagged as: Gimmick Boss Math
[3] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 75 75
Jan 2, 2021
For: I wanna go the Trap Way 3
The most fun I had with a trap game in a really long time. The effort and care that was put into each individual one blew my mind. The game offers a lot of variety as well with its 3 stages and bosses, while introducing a lot of different gimmicks and ideas to keep the game fresh.
It's really hard to make entertaining traps that keep a smile on the players face instead of annoying them and this game NAILED that. Some saves and especially the final boss are rather difficult though, so be prepared for a 1-2 hour grind if you're playing this blind (which I would recommend).
Loved the game, would highly recommend. Also banger alert.

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Tagged as: Trap Medley Boss SourPls
[4] Likes
Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 56 56
Nov 13, 2020

2 Games

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I wanna escape the mansion 35.2 7.0 17
I Wanna Save Christmas 63.0 8.3 5