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For: I wanna go the 7 colors
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Based on hard mode. (didn't play medium)

Short creative needle game that uses the 32px grid limitation. As the name suggests you have to beat all 7 stages, each representing a different color. I especially enjoyed the music for this game and the pleasant graphics. The blocks, spikes and background create the perfect contrast and are just visually pleasing in general.

The main difficulty of this game is that each room gives you only a single save to work with, meaning you have to get through it in one go. And I would say each of these maps has one or two jumps in them, that feel way more precise compared to the rest.

But all in all the game offers a fair challenge and serves as excellent longer save needle practice. And it's impressive that medium mode offers an easier version of the game. Don't really see that being done that often nowadays.

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Tagged as: Needle Short
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 60 60
Oct 13, 2019
For: banana pudding 3
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Long 32px needle game with lots and lots of generic jumps, which were used to create interesting gameplay. The design sometimes felt repetitive due to the length of the game but it kept me interested enough to reach the end.

The game uses the default tileset, which does not change throughout the game. It does fit to the needle style, although I would've appreciated something else to look at. The music changes a couple of times, which is anice touch but due to the lack of tileset variety the feeling of progression is missing.

Still had fun with this game but for your next project I would efinetely try to make tiles or reuse tiles made by other creators with their permission. Or perhaps you might find something intriguing on the spriters resource. Music was cool although I wouldve prefered something more relaxing for the final picks.

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Tagged as: Needle
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Rating: 4.8 48       Difficulty: 72 72
Jun 13, 2019
For: I Wanna Lick The Feet
The two main gimmicks of this game are the triple and quadruple jump. Each are being used for exactly five screens. The needle design presented to us makes very good use of both of those gimmicks while creating a challenging but rewarding (literally) experience for the player. The first screen might scare you at first but once you get into it this game's a treat. Even the few traps provided additional entertainment as they're easy to dodge once you've encountered them. Traps that make you wonder how to beat the segment in question just aren't my cup of tea, which isn't the case in this game. All in all I had a lot of fun with it plus you're able to turn off the amount of bg visuals in case it leads to distractions which is very considerate of the creators to implement.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 31, 2019
For: I Wanna Go To The Otherside
Outstanding! Incredible atmospherical needle game focusing a lot on invisible triggers with obvious locations and moving obstacles. Boss fights were also added to the mix and each stage has its own unique theme to it that makes you remember them individually. "Oh I really liked the catharsis water area." The platforming design is excellent and never gets boring. But my biggest appreciation goes to the soundtrack. As a huge fan of the kermit series I absolutely made the connection to it being partly an inspiration for this project and I fell in love with the choice of music right away. Each boss also has a song that fits perfectly to the creature being presented to you. I want to see more games like this on delfruit I admire this style oh so much. Amazing job looking forward to your future projects.

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Tagged as: Needle Boss Trigger SourPls
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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 60 60
Mar 31, 2019
For: I Wanna Bugtrash
Really rng heavy two minute long avoidance with a fair difficulty. Also got some impressive visual effects that connect wonderfully with the successful music sync. It is really fun to play. Who can spot the semantic reference? Could easily turn into a grind ^^

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 8.3 83       Difficulty: 63 63
Nov 24, 2018

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