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I Wanna Be The Epic 37.0 6.2

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For: I Wanna Be The Epic
A good game.

But the boss fight is not good, especially the Boss 4 and Boss 6. The built-in autofire just ruined them. You can defeat them just in a few seconds because of lacking of appropriate protection.

Boss 3 fight is the most impressive part in this game (for me). The creator did something to lead you into a wrong way, that the boss needs to be taken down if you want to go through. So I spent nearly 40 minutes on it. However, it's just an avoidance, and the boss itself has no contact damage, which means after the first stage ends, you can just leave the room. So everything is just a trap.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 37 37
Dec 3, 2019
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