I wanna be the Device

Creator: ていく

Average Rating
5.0 / 10
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71.1 / 100
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Needle (1) Avoidance (7) Trap (5) Gimmick (2) Miku (4) Teto (3) Trigger (1) Secret (1)


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17 Reviews:

Rating doesn't include extra.
This game...I can't even...
Let's start with the basics: The platforming is horrible. Anything that could be good is completely ruined by the huge amount of traps everywhere. Some traps are just annoying, but some of them are really hard to avoid, and there are so many of them for each save that it's just frustrating. And, of course, they're your everyday generic traps, flying spikes, invisible blocks, and fun stuff like that. The restarting music isn't very helpful.
The bosses are...A bit better. They're mostly luck-based (Aside from Teto, since she's a 97% pattern avoidance, and Mario, for obvious reasons), and don't really stand out for being incredibly well-made or anything (They're not really generic, but they're not exactly outstanding either). The last boss is probably the best part of the game, and at the same time the hardest. Every single attack is RNG-heavy enough to give you impossible RNG (Happens more often at some specific attacks), and at the end, the screen freezes, which can be very bad for you, depending on where are you and where are the cherries when the freezing happens. Even so, it's still nicely made, and not too boring at all, it's just way too unfair.
Overall, the whole game is far from enjoyable. The avoidance at the end isn't that bad (At least it's far more enjoyable than the platforming), but it's still not worth it. Wouldn't recommend.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: 77 77
May 28, 2015
Rating based on any% clear, although secrets (and extra later, hopefully) will be mentioned.

The year was 2010, and ねころん had quite a hold over the Japanese community. Everyone looked up to him and his creation, LoveTrap, for how to design their fangames. Among the many people simping for him, one creator stood out among the rest, known as ていく. He saw this game and decided to make his own just like it. Looking back today, he realizes how flawed it actually is, it being his first ever work. But there's still some value to take away from this, so that is what we are going to take a look at today.

Let's get the elephant out of the way immediately, the platforming in Device is pretty bad. I kinda get it, there wasn't much reference point to go off of at the time, so ていく had to improvise and invent everything himself. But what I can't excuse is the amount of generic traps everywhere. I want to be clear, building your game around traps is not inherently bad—hell, it's even become its own genre at this point, themed around never knowing what will come charging at you and when to expect it. However here, the problem lies in how the game just goes completely overboard with the density of the traps. You can't go for more than a few feet without being stopped by—*spike trap*—aw damn it, I knew I should have turned around... It gets really annoying to have to deal with this every single—*spike trap*—OH COME ON, I ALMOST HAD IT! The game prides itself on its traps so much, ていく literally named it after them. Yeah, I'm not joking, "装置" in this game basically equates to "罠", which is what you'll be seeing a lot of in this game. The actual level design is actually pretty decent, if not for these traps. There are a couple of gimmicks that I think are pretty neat (for the time, at least), like moving spikes, or a color-swap gimmick that changes the level when you hit a switch. There's even an autoscroller near the end of the game, creating some sort of speed-based tension. It could really do without all the gates, though. So overall, the platforming is probably your thing if you're willing to put up with—*spike trap*—ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME I HATE THIS GAME

But how about the bosses? Well, they're overall better than any of the platforming. They're about as basic as the actual LoveTrap's bosses, but they still get the job done.
-Bad Apple has the potential to get very cramped, meaning wherever you are at the start of the fight is where you're pretty much forced to be for the rest of it. It's a weird kind of fun that I can't explain, dodging around the giant crowd of fruit everywhere is something that managed to bring me some joy while playing it.
-Teto has insta-gibs out the wazoo, but once you learn them, they're easy to get past. Other than that, basic pattern that you shouldn't have problems with.
-Flandre is the boss that I had the most trouble with out of the main 4, mainly because of how high you have to be in order to actually attack her. Apart from that, there's one attack (the double-bursting cherries) that is incredibly hard to read by comparison to everything else. Otherwise, pretty fun barrage fight.
-M̸̢͈̩̫͉͙̂̔͂̾̓A̴͔̪͎̅̏́̔͆̚R̶̡̡̛̙̹͖͛̄͌͐̏͌I̶̮͉̖͐Ơ̶̢͇͔̼͍̍̑ ̴͇̫͔̘̻̪̪͆̓L̷̥̰̬͘͠ͅḚ̷̡̙̲̻̯͇̀̂̓V̸̭̳̀͊́́̍̕È̸̥̦̓͝L̴̛͚̞͖̺̘̟̞̈́S̵̳̒̍̈́̀͘
-Finally, Miku is the hardest thing in the entire main game, fitting for the end of the game. The fight is in direct homage to the original LoveTrap Miku, even going as far as to use a song by cosMo@暴走P. The dark blue bouncing burst right before the chorus is absolutely the worst part, basically backing you into an unavoidable wall most of the time. Otherwise, simple yet fun attacks. I like it!

Oh, also special mention goes to the black cherries in the last stage that are impossible to see, I just couldn't not mention them.

The game as a whole is really weird, its age definitely shows with its low production and default assets everywhere, but I still liked it somewhat. If you're into the classic era of fangames, definitely give this one a shot.

Oh yeah, the game also has secrets, but the secret rooms are terrible to play through, it's all of the issues that plagued the main platforming but even worse. If you get them all, you unlock buffed versions of the previous bosses. I haven't played these yet, I'll keep you updated after I'm done with them to let you know if they're worth your time.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 24, 2021
Rating doesn't include extra.

The reviews for this seem to be pretty device-ive. I really enjoyed this game. Every stage had clever triggers except for the black-and-white stage and the moon stage. The bosses are mostly good except for Flandre which has incredibly long i-frames, and the hardest attack is at the end. The final boss is easily the hardest part of the game because the RNG can be tough to read, but I almost never found it to be totally unreadable. The game was very fun overall, and I think it stands pretty well despite its age.

The main game is absolutely recommended if you like traps and can handle the occasional bad save.

EXTRA: The secrets are easily the worst platforming in the game, and almost all of the buffed bosses are less fun than their original versions. I don't personally recommend doing the extra unless you want that K2 EXPERIENCE.

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Rating: 7.2 72       Difficulty: 64 64
Nov 13, 2018
Rating includes extra. Difficulty rating also includes extra because it contains the true final boss. Consider a difficulty of 68 (closer to 70 than to 65) for main game.

Where did the inventiveness of Diverse go? Where are the awesome bosses, the interdimensional travelling, heck, even the Kill the Guy references? Everything, the entire concept, was downgraded to an extremely trap-infested and notoriously low-scaled vision of old-school fangame design. Generic stuff is back all over the place except where the game tries to be funny. The saving grace are some counted traps that do add challenge to the usual platforming, but most of them will have you redoing a save again and again just for kicks. The game maker is having fun at your expense, and you do not enjoy the experience. The screens you travelled to inexplicably in Diverse were indeed a foreshadowing of the screens shown here, and paradoxically they are less cool than in the original Diverse.

Bosses are terrible and generic sprites with grindy patterns (except for Mario = best boss). Final blue iPod Miku is an interesting addition to end the experience and the vocaloid choice is quite decent, which is the only thing I would rescue about the game. Final attack is exciting combined with the music but the game makes the cancerous decision of freezing your character wherever it is, so if you're in the air and there's a cherry below you, say goodbye because you're dead. Because of a bad game design decision. Ace. (I must confess it didn't happen to me, but I can see this happening and I was a few frames away)

Now, in every stage there is a secret and the game will make sure that you get to know this if you beat the game normally, asking you if you got them all. A new backtracking adventure begins as you have to find them. Honestly, resort to YouTube. Most of them are near the first screen (or in the first screen), but just like a decent Crimson would demand, use a guide. The secrets have, I would say, more traps than the regular screens so be prepared for grinding yourself away.

Once secrets are complete, you get the Carnival formula: beat all the original bosses buffed. Actually, the Bad Apple boss is not that bad and the avoidance is just more learny stuff, but the other one gets boring fast and final attack is undecipherable unless you watch your own playthrough recorded and see what's going on.

Final blue Miku avoidance, again, is unfair at parts but very fun to go through, especially the last minute, and ironically, it might be considered as difficult as the original Miku. Fine. Whatever.

Not recommended. This is only worth playing because of both Miku avoidances, which are no better than decent (cool songs though), and suffering through a cheaply done trap hell is not justifiable.

A big disappointment.

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Rating: 2.6 26       Difficulty: 70 70
Oct 5, 2020
Bad lovetrap clone.

Updated review: it was more enjoyable the second time around

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 13, 2015