I wanna be the Boshy

Creator: Solgryn

Average Rating
8.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
66.7 / 100
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Adventure (31) Needle (13) Avoidance (2) Trap (19) Gimmick (24) Boss (18) Long (24) Meme (6) Jump_Refreshers (1) Visual_Challenge (1) Original (2) Online (6) Multiplayer (8) Art (2) Trao (1) Killer_Cursor (1) VVVVVV (1) NSFW_link (1)


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164 Reviews:

best i wana be game ever, its so troll and interesting with alot items cds and stuff
dificulty is based on u gona rage mode, wont ever delete it.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 90 90
Jun 29, 2020
Rating based on totally-average mode.

There's so much work put into this game production wise, but the execution of it is some of the worst I've seen in a long time. Visuals are stellar and some of the gimmicks/bosses had some neat ideas put into them. However, due to the cluckiness of the overall game and their coding a lot of these cool ideas become really irritating and obnoxious and it happens all over the place.

I could compile a small list of the ton of problems I've had:
-Boshy hitbox is very weird (really apparent during one attack of the Mega Man boss and some of the platforming saves)
-Boshy just feels very stiff in general, sometimes it doesn't register my inputs especially while jumping onto a platform
-Gradius segment in Castlevania world is very poorly made & way too luckbased
-Way too much mashing in order to beat bosses. Somehow ez mode makes it a lot more playable but unfortunately that didn't carry over to the harder difficulties
-Buggy gimmicks (the first screen of the block puzzle in Kid Icarus world comes to mind, even if I make the block move at the right position it just doesn't want to and goes in the opposite direction of where I wanted it to)
-Annoying/pointless screenshaking or flashiness
-Unoptimized(?), it kept lagging 2 times shortly after each other every once in a while and I can't find a definite result as to why it happens.

And that's just scraping the surface. A lot of these bosses relied on one thing: easy to learn but hard to master because of one RNG-based attack being a lot harder than the others. It happens in nearly all of them, but Mega Man and Missingno fits that category the best. Sonic's trademark attack is way too precise and it happens to be one of the first attacks of the fight. One slight wrong move and Sonic moves around the screen making it nearly impossible for you to recover without headslamming into his face.

The only bosses I legitimately liked were Ryu and Shang Tsung. They have just the right amount of fairness to it and they're easy and fun to predict. The rest of the bosses could have been good too but there's always one flaw to it which completely ruined the experience for me, which was really unfortunate.

After all the bosses & platforming there's one final challenge left: Solgryn. If you play on the easiest difficulty and beat the boss it gives you a fake ending scene basically saying that you should play on a harder difficulty, very anticlimatic but pretty funny. It was alright for the most part but if you play phase 1 with a character that shoots tiny bullets you aren't really gonna get far. A lot of it requires waiting which is really boring & bullshit because of one attack during it. Fortunately if you have one with bigger bullets (I used Simon Belmont for this) you can shoot it dead just before the waiting starts. It requires some precise bullet shooting but you'll learn it over time. One attack can be really annoying because of Boshy's hitbox not colliding with the object sprite yet it still did (which happened several times throughout the game as mentioned above).

Phase 2 is good elsewhere except for Boshy. The small game window makes this really unfun, so the best you can do is to rely on a bit of luck and wait multiple cycles if you want to be a bit more safe. Some of the green orbs can spawn inside of eachother which can be somewhat distracting and unpredictable. For me this was the worst phase of the fight by far and one of the worst highlights of the game in general. The last phase I had no real complaint with other than the way you spawn at first can be unfair if you don't know how the screen transition into said phase works.

Boshy also contains a lot of collectables, hidden worlds and new characters. If you're into that then I'd say go for the ones you can manage to get unless you're going for 100%. Most of them are easy to find but a lot of them are really cryptic if you haven't beaten the game atleast once or looked them up. The CD's all contain long dead memes but that's what makes the game a bit more charming.

In conclusion, back in the day this was one huge ass challenging game which requires you to have a lot of patience and skill but nowadays there are so many better fangames to choose from since back when this game got made this was the best thing around since there weren't that many fangames back then. In my opinion it aged like shit and fortunately Solgryn later made some better games like Wings of Vi (which I really enjoyed) and Roah. The weird thing is that so many popular casual streamers just play this game instead of all the other good fangames that exist out there. I'd even take the original IWBTG over this any day and I'm so glad it's done. I'd say it's the second worst game I've played unironically

tl;dr: old fangame which really didn't age well and has a lot of apparent flaws while there are so many other fangames to pick from. personally it's not my cup of tea but you might enjoy it and if you did you should ignore this review.

Not recommended.

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Rating: 0.6 6       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 24, 2020
This was a brilliant game. I loved this game so much as have many many others. This game doesn't have a ton of traps, but the ones it has are extremely well done, really funny and very memorable. This coming from someone who absolutely hates traps. The platforming is excellent and the bosses are great. If you want to beat this game, I'd recommend hard mode as it only makes the platforming harder and 90% of the game's difficulty comes from the bosses. This game will also teach you how to mash if you aren't good at that yet which is nice.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Boss Long
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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Dec 22, 2019
Rating based on hardon mode. It's the first fangame I've played. I've been underestimating about the difficulty of this game because I played this like a million times, so my difficulty is based on the feeling of first time I tried the game(easy mode).
Except for some unfair platforming, I enjoyed all of this game: plenty of variety, bosses, secrets, musics, character, etc.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 75 75
Oct 21, 2018
The order of things took me to this insanely difficult platformer after playing what was, for many, back in the 2000s, the "mandatory first experience with fangames": Kayin's I Wanna Be the Guy: The Movie: The Game. How this game was initially made is a story we all know: BoshyTime said Kayin's game was "too easy" for being branded the most difficult gaming experience, and so, Solgryn, maintaining the adventure spirit of the original, maximizes the amount of gimmicks, gaming references, uses his own engine (which I find respectable and should be work that is recognized instead of criticized) and creates what was considered by many the most difficult fangame experience ever. YouTube exploded with people beating Sonic and the infamous Danish oatmeal box, for then discovering there was something even more extreme: Cheetahmen.

Production value is sky high, the jokes are amazing and it is so 2000s regarding its Internet/popular culture/meme jokes. It is not everybody's sense of humor, but this raised the bar for what many considered as an acceptable upper limit, and the task of finishing this even in Totally Average Mode (which was, obviously, my first experience with the game) felt incredibly rewarding when finally being sung that you are the Boshy now.

I should note that I rate fangames and "official games" in the same scale, not making any distinction whatsoever or having "special considerations" for any category because they are still videogames, and also a form of art. Being this one of my highest-rated fangames, I should specify the cons, and also counter-attack other commonly mentioned cons that don't make much sense. First is some sections of platforming. This doesn't have to do with having an engine of its own (people complaining about fangames for having a different engine, with all due respect, do not even deserve being listened to seriously), but the needle platforming is wacky at some times. I think about the infamous spring screen of Stage 2 after defeating Kracko, the third screen of Stage 6 before encountering Simon Belmont, or the infamous "Good Level Design" screen of Stage 9. Those screens are challenging because the engine is not made for needle. Some jumps require not only a perfect pixel allign, but also a weird velocity that cannot be explained and is difficult to get used to. When it comes to needle, the game faulters. Also, the game might kill you right after entering a screen for no reason, especially those concerning a gimmick, such as the "mirror" screen of Stage 3 featuring the red ball right before the boss. It's awkward in design. Finally, some achievements are not registered in the Trophies section because the game doesn't feel like it. Also, if the game crashes (which is very rare, I will recognize), there is a grave danger of your file's complete deletion, either standalone or a multiplayer file. Finally, the multiplayer experience is very fun. There is half a second of delay of response at the least between two PCs. What the multiplayer does best is that it reduces the effort of each player by half (or proportionally to your friends' skills). Whoever gets to a save first saves the effort for the other player(s). The problem lies in the fact that both cannot fight a boss together. The player is "there", but making his/her own attempt without actually having an impact over your fights. Granted, it is the first stage of online multiplayer fangaming, and it set good foundations, but there are tons of improvements, the ones that got fixed magnificently in I Wanna Be The Co-Op. Finally, the difficulty curve is very, VERY messy: the hardest world is not the last; the final path, although magnificently-looking, made us all scratch our heads regarding why it was so easy and short; the hardest screens are not in the last Stages (one is in Stage 2); the bosses do not correlate with the worlds, like, ever (which is strange because you have worlds AND bosses of a particular franchise in the game, but not put together); and arguably the second most difficult boss is in Stage 5, not to mention some of the easiest bosses are, not at the beginning (or at the end, which would be a disaster), but in between. Like, why?

On the other hand, there are certain criticisms that can be argued. First, there is the joke of placing a hard jump before a boss. It's funny, but if you REALLY pay attention to the game, there is a teleporter right at the end of each stage before a boss that can teleport you anywhwere if you have been there before, including a boss screen that you still haven't beaten. Same argument can be used against those claiming that the game has screens featuring nothing before the boss without a save, such as the bosses for Stage 2 and Stage 7. Also, you have complaint of having disorienting visual gimmicks, such as the ones that Piece loved to use in the Bored games. Maybe a certain gimmick is not of your taste, but if that is the case, there are only TWO screens featuring a heavy visual gimmick and, unlike the Bored games, it never makes the screen impossible to beat. Actually, your character is on screen the entire time (take notes Piece). Now, if you consider the shaky screen as a visual gimmick, true, that is consistently present throughout, and I gotta say as a beginner fangamer that it almost doesn't harm your gameplay, such as in the boss fight of Stage 7 or against the final boss.

What did this game do?
✓Set a new standard of endurance for gamers around the world
✓Have a different soundtrack for every level
✓Have a different world for every level, very distinguishable between each other
✓Incorporate traps, jokes, memes and pre 2010s culture to the extreme to a magnificent degree
✓Feature a sense of progression and personal growth after each stage that seemed impossible
✓Make all of us lose fear towards doing what we never considered achieving in a game
✓Customize our own characters
✓Feature a different song for every level, section and secret worlds, ALL of them based on original videogame classics AND hidden gems, making us remember why the majority of us started playing fangames
✓Surpass the already-great I Wanna Be the Guy
✓To be ahead of its time in terms of production value and adventure design, something that Influka, one of the most underrated developers of this site ever, learned in the best of ways
✓Set solid foundations for establishing an online community
✓Create a massive database of personal records in the game's official page so that you can tell were your abilities rank against thousands of players
✓Feature one of the most epic final boss fights in any videogame ever (including fangames)
✓Play the Underworld Theme of Terranigma during the final path, which happens to be not only one of the best RPGs ever made, but also one of the most underappreciated and obscure because of its limited release in Europe and Asia.

Everything is in here, tons of jokes, level variety and a long adventure with mandatory bosses with unique designs of their own regarding attack patterns and RNG. I will never forget this consistently entertaining, unique and intense experience, and people are certainly not forgetting it as of today. Also, the game creating an original song and rewarding you for becoming The Boshy is one of the most satisfactory fangaming experiences you will ever leave. Forget the "Thank You For Playing!" screen featured in tons of fangames: this one does bother with credits while celebrating you, only to take you to a great reward path section that notifies you of everything you did and everything you can still do.

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Rating: 7.8 78       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 10, 2018