I wanna take the Timemachine 2

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hey i new to dis westide i wanna to say that iS GAME THIS MY FAVORETI GAME (sorry for my english:(

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Oct 15, 2016
My longest delfruit review ever.
Best fangame I ever played, no dividing this into genres, it's just The Perfect One.
Here's my review on literally everything:


---Glacial Age: Platforming---
Since this is the first Era you travel to it's the easiest one. But getting Easter egg might be problematic since you need to do some kind of precise jump called "diagonal" but it's harder since you have bigger hitbox compared to other fangames. Also acts had some interesting gimmicks like handling the temperature (campfires), ice breaking, going with water flow, ice, springs.

---Glacial Age: Magnusfrost---
Really like the idea of how the upper platform is icy one and the bottom isn't, also it uses one of the platforming traps (giant rock) as an attack. You might think that the snowflake barrage near the end of the boss might be hard, but it's just a pattern which sometimes can be a few degrees off, so nothing too hard. But for me the hardest attack is when those spinning rings from platforming (which are as huge as platforms on this boss!) go up through you (3 rings!).
Overall pretty fun and easy boss, shouldn't be a problem.

---Jurassic Era: Platforming---
Game gets a bit harder here. It has some skips like doing a corner jump and something what looks like gate.The hardest moments were killing the dinosaur which is chasing you, doing a one jump save, and getting away from baby dinosaur (which appears after killing egg) in tight corridor. Also it's a nice touch that baby dinosaurs don't appear from every egg. Also there is a really easy to find Easter egg. Btw this is where red jump refreshers (huge jumps) are introduced.

---Jurassic Era: brontosaurus---
Omg... The length of this boss battle is insane.
Actually you are fighting brontosaurus leg, since he is that huge. His attacks are: stomping, fireball walls from both sides, lava explosion and falling rocks. That's all it really has, after stomping (one which comes after falling rock) brontosaurus just loop the attacks. It takes 3-4 loops to beat.

---Moonlight city: platforming---
Well... Going to future was unexpected since we traveled to past 2 times in a row. Anyways this area have nice platforming and some skips (like corner jump at the beggining of first act!). The only thing I hated is getting through 16px hole in act 1. The helicopter gimmick looks insanely great, I like it a lot. Oh btw can't forget to notice giant spinning claws, moving platforms, and laser shooting things.

---Moonlight city: crabmecha---
Oh boy, it's my "favorite" boss all over again... Since I farmed this boss like hundreds of times I have something to say. First of all, bosses just got harder. All attacks (exept random target marks and jump refresher generation)are patterns. Fire walls, huge lasers, target marked floor, all of those are patterns. Worth noting that on hard and lunatic mode you can stay under him when he is doing 1st dash. Probably the best choice for farming coins. Can take some time to beat if it's your first battle with it.

---Precambrian era: platforming---
Actually this one even has a tutorial! Great water stage overall (yeah I'm getting lazy with reviewing)

---Precambrian era: Eupoqueena---
Pretty serious boss. Begins with spawning on random part of the land and doing a bouncing orbs pattern. Then after it 8 cells spawn and virus is chasing you. If you don't collect them all in time = dead. Than there is a well made blue orb spray pattern (figure this one yourself!). After it a virus spawning again, but there are red orbs on the floor appearing (which are aiming at you!), actually at some point virus disappear since red orb spam get's more and more bigger. If you made it through all of that... Congratulations! You probably still have random appearing green orb pattern to dodge since Eupoqueena is still (most likely) alive. Overall, easy-medium if you know the patterns.

---Alien Metropolis: Platforming---
Hey! It's the final stage of the game! Are you hype? Actually you should still concentrate on getting through since this one might be tricky. The difference between first and second act is HUGE (even background is changing, whoah!). From going by foot and fighting alien ships to traveling through space station (it looks like that ok?) by ships and foot (+conveyors!). Also jumping out of a little hole in the wall is the final jump you do in the entire normal mode platforming, yay!

---Alien Metropolis: Werahmesin---
This is one of my favorites honestly (no, not like that crabmecha...). Amazing vertical laser show, aimed vertical laser, huge green orb shoot, rockets exploding into fire stuff (which is randomly generated!), and the legendary green orb barrage! Overall, mostly a pattern based boss.

What? Did you think the game was over once you defeated previous boss? Well... Actually there is one more boss, but this boss is damn insanity. The game would be rated like "40" in difficulty rating without this boss. First of all it has 1200 hp, biggest amount of hp boss ever had in this game (hard/lunatic mod not counted in there). It has 5 attacks: huge laser, giant falling orbs, star-shaped barrage, orb explosion, and the one which looks like brontosaur's, but it's changed a bit... The only random attack in that list is giant falling orbs. When boss reaches ~600 hp it will start using guest attacks among the usual ones (attacks of previous bosses basically, but a bit edited), Leave boss less than 300 hp and it will start going crazy, because this is when one more attack is added: inverted controls. Overall: INSANELY HARD BOSS WHICH MIGHT MAKE YOU QUIT (But don't give up! You can do eet!)


---Horror world---
Acts: Also known as "200iq jrpg". Secret ways almost on every save, random tight jumps, waiting for dialogs to end, only in korean. Good thing is that it was full of references (I saw papers please, gachimuchi, mogeko castle and ace attorney references) and also that it is optional.
Boss: actually it's 3 bosses. They are very epic looking. The door one is the easiest and fastest to kill. ORN emperor was the hardest one. Gustav was a fine boss.

---Mario & Sonic---
If you have +7 and higher it's ez kill on the barrage attack. I haven't seen anything after.

This boss is pretty much all about getting plasma attack, because you can deal highest damage during that. Other attacks were pretty neat too tho.

---Old boss: Skadia---
Hardest old boss to do. Had way too much tight attacks and also it had quite a lot of hp (900).

---Megaman (rockman)---
Even though there is different name for both languages, the boss isn't different at all. All I can say about this boss, is that it spams A LOT. Attacks change so fast, that it gets unfair really often. Was a pain to do.

---Old boss: Vemique---
Pretty easy. It's just about going under boss and jumping over him, at the same time dealing enough damage to kill him during the impossible phase. After beating it you just have to get through falling rocks attack and that's it.

---Old boss: Rixenon---
Pretty neat boss. Was fun to learn, though cycle ending is a bit hard. Took me 5 mins...

---Boss rush---
Pretty much all of story bosses. The only changes are the song, tileset and background. Has unique weapons as a reward for EX and S rank.


---EXTRA BOSS (avoidance): REINA---
Yep, this is an avoidance. It is really hard. The beggining of this boss isn't really that hard since it pattern-based, but in the middle there are 3 RANDOM difficult attacks IN A ROW. That's insane. After those attacks you need to clear something I call "flower pattern" which is pretty simple once you know how to beat it. After that you get to go through bouncing orbs phase. The only hard pattern there is light blue one at ~2050-2080 hp. Then you get to the final phase and this is just random with aimed dots (which get more more!) and at the very end you just need to hold down and left or right. After beating you unlock lunatic mode, which is worth playing IMO (even if it is REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD mode). Btw I recommend spending coins you get on shotgun, YOU NEED IT.

This is pretty much an introduction to lunatic mode. Hard tight jumps, insane time limit(act 2), insane timings, long saves, grind saves, all of that is what lunatic mode about. But the thing I like about difficulties like that in games is design change (bosses sprite change, red background, new soundtrack, THEY EVEN CHANGED CURSOR OMG!). Oh also you need shotgun to get through act 2, hope you bought one. As for me 2nd act was easier than the 1st one. Btw saves are REALLY unbalanced, you have been warned.

Compared to platforming this boss was much more easier. His rock rain pattern got changed a bit, the snowflake spread pattern now needs more reaction, spinning circles attack now became a pattern, huge laser attack is now used 3 times in a whole loop. But the hardest one was for me was snowflake barrage one, which got more harder and still can be some degrees off, which can be CRITICALL NOW, but most of times it's fine. Overall, it was ok boss, not too hard, and not too easy.

Had a lot of tight jumps and falls, but those were the only hard thing about saves. At this point you need to be able to do at least a 1 frame jump (I used numlock cancel jumping to do it). Hated last save for waiting around 30 seconds before trying.

I really recommend placing cursor on save spot in the beginning since there is no hint on the ground block for this one lava burst. Since boss has now 4 times as much hp, it requires 8-9 loops to beat (if you didn't farm for +9). You might think that doing this boss for so many times is insane, but actually when you understand how all attacks work, there is pretty much no way you can die.

After grinding previous stages, I finally learned exact hotbox of the kid, so this one wasn't really hard to me, but last save sucks and you will spend a lot of time on it since it will be the hardest save you will ever beat at the moment.

Compared to previous 2 bosses, this one was buffed enormously. It is RNG fest which also has one target aiming on you.

Mostly based on long saves. There were some saves I liked, and some saves which I really hated (for example doing 1 tight segment 3 times in a row). Also you need to be timing god at the end (or maybe get lucky).

This one is pretty much about learning blue orb spray pattern. After you learned it you just need to survive some cycles. Shouldn't be a problem, yet for some reason it took more time than any previous boss.

This is where the "true platforming hell" begins. Hardest saves, hardest jumps, long segments, 16px spam, 1 frame jumps and etc... Also can't forget about last jump in first act, where you need to take align from wall which is hard to get, and also get lucky with v-align. It was pain to do.

Best boss in the game so far. It's pure pattern boss, which means there is no RNG to worry about. But because of it, werahmesin has biggest amount of hp in this game (even more than lunatic veilac). The only hard thing you need to learn is when to jump on red orb barrage, after that it just matter of surviving numerous cycles.

Took me 5 hours and 40 minutes... Even though it was said that lunatic difficulty has 4x boss hp, this one has just 2x and it is for a damn good reason! Even though hp buffed to 200% (2400) in exchange it has really difficult attacks. First phase attacks are all patterns except red falling orbs (just like in normal mode). Second phase uses guest attacks in combination with normal ones (just like before), however guest attacks were buffed (magnus now has 4 spinning circles, bronto's fireballs now contain even more bad random, crabmecha was lightly buffed, queena became the worst attack in the entire game, werahmesin is just a pattern). Also there is third phase now, which just inverts your controls, and doing screen flips.

-+-+- PART 4: 100% -+-+-
Even after doing all of the content, we're not done with the game .-.
Yep, 100% is based on unlocking EVERY achievement (displayed in the museum). Story mode achievements go on as you progress, so nothing special (maybe I shouldn't have written something so obvious lol). Easy mode achievements are literally free (just beat the game on this mode and you're done). Normal mode achievements require S ranks to unlock, which needs a small grind, still not really that bad. The real challenge are hard mode achievements. Bosses themselves aren't so bad, since you can reenter the portal every attempt, HOWEVER the true challenge are platforming EX ranks. You need to do even better than in normal mode and at the same time needle got buffed by a lot. After that insanity begin all lunatic mode achievements, which luckily don't require speedrunning. After getting all achievements on those 4 floors, most of 5th floor achievements already will be unlocked (get all X achievements, X deaths, X time). All that you need to do at this point are easter eggs and beating extra stuff (sadly, no bossrush S and EX ranks, though you get rewarded with weapons instead). After a while I decided to attempt last 2 speedrun achievements I needed and I finally got them! This game's finally 100% done.

My rating's based on 100% + stuff which is not necessary for 100% (old bosses, horror world EX/S ranks, bossrush EX/S ranks, buying all weapons and upgrades)


Right from the beginning the game greets you with diagonal, amazing. The visual changes are nice. Platforming-wise my only issue is the save before the corridor in 1-2 and the corridor itself having a hitbox issue, making the jumps feel like diamonds (hopefully fixed next version). Also I should note that the game now uses flying as a mechanic.

Actually really cool. Considering that lunatic+ was planned as post-lunatic content, you can use +9 pistol, making the boss worth 2-3 cycles. I REALLY hated the ring attack ending, it felt way too precise for a timing and for the jump (it felt like an F jump). Also this is where the screen flips on bosses are introduced... BUT! If you trigger the screenflip phase right (second cycle rings) then you basically don't have to do it (just survive one-way move aiming during first attack of third cycle).

I really really didn't feel much of a difference from normal lunatic, considering this is the hardest world up to world 5, but changes are noticable at least! And the one bad save was almost unchanged which is... good I guess? Also really liked non-linear buffs like the miniboss and fake flag.

This boss in fact was fun with all new changes. That is, untill screenflip appeared... Which makes the boss impossible because it's at the worst possible time... Boss skipped.

Nice microbuffs and stuff idk. Laughed hard at the squished diagonal, not being able to skip and triple corner climb. Also learned to fly to the left (had to).

Actually a free boss. There is ONLY EXACTLY 1 BUFF and it makes the boss a luck check. With +9 you kill boss fast enough for no screenflip to trigger, which is good. Took me half an hour.

Uhhh... This stage contained impossible saves at the time I played this (first demo) so yeah... Putting that aside, I really liked the second save on act 2, where you have to use a different way (hated 4 corners tho, but still managed to beat it). Also liked the final save, it got that final save feel with the big spike.

It was really hard, but I beat it. Took 3 hours. The spiral got nerfed which is good, but to compensate for that the final attack of the cycle got ridiculously buffed. It honestly needs a nerf. Also hp is unchanged compared to lunatic.

Currently there is only first screen in the demo, but it's already menacing enough to get a feel of what's to come... It also contains an impossible backtrack :)

And that is the end of the first demo, looking forward to next updates related to lunatic+.

2022-06-23 People who cleared I wanna take the Timemachine 2 on lunatic difficulty (as far as I know)
Nick240_ (me)

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Tagged as: Adventure Avoidance Gimmick Boss Special Long RFR4
[11] Likes
Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 90 90
May 24, 2016
Rating based on normal mode. -0.3 because final boss was pretty frustrating.
Difficulty on Lunatic mode would be 84.

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Rating: 9.7 97       Difficulty: 67 67
Jun 23, 2022
an absolute masterpiece of a run and gun, everyone else has already said their piece. if you havent, please try this game, its fucking sublime

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 19, 2022
Alright, this is the best fangame I've ever played, here perfectly all.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 92 92
Jan 25, 2020