Not Another Needle Game

Creator: Thenewgeezer

Average Rating
9.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
69.3 / 100
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Adventure (16) Needle (51) Avoidance (3) Trap (3) Gimmick (43) Secrets (4) 100_Floor (1) Special (3) Long (21) Funny (3) Story (11) Troll (1) x_Floor (17) NoBoss (6) RNG (1) Secret (9) Original (6) Triple_Jump (2) Extra (1) Advanture (1) god!! (1) Different_Ending (2) NANG (1) Secret Long (1)


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213 Reviews:

NANG has always been a game I've looked forward to playing, but after finally doing it all I could look forward to it was it ending. I can appreciate and respect it for what it is, a well-designed fangame with great production value and clear passion, and it obviously has been pretty monumental for the community since its creation, but I simply just did not have fun playing it.

One of my main problems comes from the last two stages, which brings in gimmicks that feel absolutely awful to use. I love having boosts to the Kid's abilities normally, but I hate when they come near the end of the game and thus will require immediate difficult execution without giving you any time to get used to them. I also dislike any effects that negate the Kid's movement in major ways, low gravity or slow speed feel terrible and play terrible. While these are just two stages amongst many (except a few extra screens with them), it took up a vast portion of my playthrough and by the end, I ended up using all my TNT to skip whatever I could.

TNT is actually another issue I have with the game, I appreciate the existence of it, but in a blind playthrough it feels rather completely useless. There are countless "expansions" to the game's content that players may never be able to predict, so they are forced to hold on to their TNT forever since using it at any point may feel like a terrible move. I myself only knew when to use it by watching a video of the game's length. There are also times when you can't use TNT, and personally I found most of those rooms to be the hardest in the game, and my least favorite. The avoidance at the true end is something I would have immediately skipped since it feels completely out-of-place and even pretty awful compared to its own genre, but sadly you are forced to do it for no solid reasoning because it's TNT proof.

There are obvious gripes that also come from the game being old, such as touch saves in the air or whatnot, but I won't fault the game for adhering to the times. I will fault it however for feeling overly heavy on a lot of common jumps, such as gates or diagonals, mainly because the game shows it can offer more than that already. I think perhaps the size of the game is to blame for this, too many rooms feel either generic or unmemorable and like they took seven seconds to make (yes that's a reference). Finally, in the grand final when it throws up all the visual flairs, it becomes almost an annoyance as it's just a visual challenge in my eyes, and particularly bad if you have epilepsy.

I'd recommend it still, but only to someone who's played fangames enough to be able to get through it relatively quickly, because it's a long haul to finish and full of things you might not like.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 70 70
Jan 4, 2022
This is a little difficult for students and novices.
And the process is a little long and not very friendly to novices.
So I gave 9.0 points, ha ha. Of course, it's a little difficult for experts.
I was playing I wanna be Nang on the creator and was interested in this.
Now it feels good to play the original:).
Well, I'm going to pass it!!!

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 60 60
Dec 19, 2021

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: N/A
Nov 18, 2021
Rating and difficulty includes only true end.
good game , all ideas were top tier but some execution was not fun

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 60 60
Nov 17, 2021
based on true end complete

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Rating: 9.4 94       Difficulty: 73 73
Nov 10, 2021