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Not Another Needle Game 80.0 9.5

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For: Not Another Needle Game
Possibly the best fangame ever created (although I've heard good things about I Wanna run the Marathon, which I'm playing right now.) The gimmicks in this game are all incredibly interesting and allow for some fantastic game design. Not only are these gimmicks creative ideas, they are executed incredibly well, and the player will feel pretty smart after figuring out all of these stages (which is an important thing to make your player feel!) This game is far too difficult for me to reasonably play since I'm only a beginner, but it was still incredibly fun to play, and I did "beat the game" (with extensive cheat engine usage.) The only complaints I have are that TNT's are often not useful due to the fact that the player will attempt to save them for the most difficult stages, but the most difficult stages will have TNT disabled, and that the good ending is too long a grind to be fun to play all the way through. Overall, the graphics are good, the music is good, the gameplay is good, and therefore the fangame is good.

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Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 80 80
Jan 4, 2018
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