I wanna defeat the Discord Makers CN side

Creators: STAB, Umbrella_2, ArcFox, AutumnWater, Big_universe, Bootstrap, Chance, Coffee, FallenLeaves, Flames, Irkara, Lucien, Lvyuki, Man, Mirror, Nine3water, Oblivion, Pingmin, Q123, seVens, Shadow, ShadowsFlou, Shimmer, TheWWworld, Torore, Will, Wind, WymCat, _Xp_

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
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84.0 / 100
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Needle (6) Triple_Jump (1) Collab (3) Discord_Makers (3) Pathing_Puzzle (1)


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Creator's Comments:

Irkara [Creator]
One of the authors.

I really appreciate this game, though there are some flaws.

will add more rewrite if possible.

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 83 83
Oct 5, 2018

19 Reviews:

I was a main tester to this game, and I saw it as my mission to make this game into a relatively approachable game compared to the other Discord Makers games. At the start, this game was honestly a pretty massive let-down, as the original intent was to be a 2nd Sinewave, but through the course of the past year I put in a good deal of effort to see this blossom into a great game (despite its flaws on initial release). There's more I wish I could have done beforehand but life began to take its toll on me so I couldn't finish, so I am partly to blame for the issues in the first few versions.

Lucien (9/10, 80/100):
Lucien's stage is easily my favorite in the game and is perhaps my favorite bit of needle he has made. The flow of each individual jump is great and each jump is laid out almost perfectly per save. My only beef with it is that the last save is very choke-y, which makes it a bit harder than the rest of the stage, and that the stage is only 2 screens long. Makers should take a look at this and see how making small, 4 pixel or smaller nerfs can immensly improve the fun factor.

_Xp_ (9/10, 82/100):
_Xp_'s stage is a Rukito-like stage and is probably my favorite of that style. A lot of the trigger usage is very clever and is sometimes even comical, yet there wasn't too much going on at the same time. The balancing of the stage is honestly impressive given the style; the only other person I've seen balance Rukito-like platforming so well is 128-Up. The main issue with the stage is that moving platforms function a little weirdly; this barely matters most of the time, but there was one instance where a platform can just push you down into a block, which I have never seen happen before. It's almost as if the maker was able to test it, unlike Rukito himself can.

Flames (8.9/10, 59/100):
Flame's stage caught me off-guard. In testing, his stage was 10 screens long, was styled like "I wanna be the Lune," and had a required 1-frame (among other major balancing issues). I was, therefore, surprised to find 5 screens in a style very similar to my own upon playing the release version. The one downfall with this stage (and additionally being a problem in a handful of other stages) is the visuals. The tileset is taken straight from "I wanna conquer the blow game," which feels a little lazy. There are also a few places where the visibility tanks due to water being on top of spikes; this is really only an issue on one jump though and the spike it covers barely matters to the save as it is, though. Despite the visuals, this stage ended up being my 3rd favorite in the game.

Bootstrap (8.8/10, 70/100):
Despite being my 4th favorite stage, Bootstrap's stage is the most impressive in the game in my opinion. It's very rare that a new needle maker puts out such quality needle their first attempt, and have it be primarily 32-pixel needle as well. To get me to enjoy 32-pixel needle itself takes a lot of effort, as I am extremely particular about it over most other styles. To put this further into perspective, I wrote the second least amount of notes about this stage from the first design, and it was one of the few stages I never complained about in some way. The visuals are taken straight from "I wanna be the Butterfly," however I'm willing to look past this in this stage only because it's an actually well-made tileset to begin with. To top it all off, you get to listen to an incredibly comfy tune composed none other by Bootstrap himself, which I thought was incredibly cute. I really hope Bootstrap makes more needle in the future.

Oblivion (8.7/10, 55/100):
Oblivion's stage is the easiest in the game and is the only stage I wrote absolutely no notes on when testing. I don't have very much to say on it now, either, but it's just a chill experience all around.

ShadowsFlou (8.6/10, 67/100):
ShadowsFlou's stage consists of water + platform needle. It's thoroughly enjoyable, though figuring out where to go is a little confusing in some places. There's not much else to say about it.

Torore (8.5/10, 67/100):
Torore's stage consists of his usual unique pathing and his questionable save placements. At my skill level, the current balancing is mostly unnoticeable, but some of the saves are definitely a bit longer than they should be, and the jump flow is a little rocky at points (especially in screen 3). I found it enjoyable but be wary nonetheless.

Irkara (8.3/10, 73/100):
Irkara's stage is very similar to ShadowsFlou's, just quite a bit more difficult. It consists of 3 pretty good screens and 1 that's just alright; the 1 outlier has a few jumps I wasn't a big fan of, and it made the screen the hardest in the stage in my opinion. I do find it strange that said screen was added in so late into production, it initially was pretty bad on release because I didn't know it was ever a thing.

lvyuki (8.3/10, 73/100):
lvyuki's stage is the longest in the game with 10 screens. It's slightly more generic than some of the other good stages, but not to the point to where it's bad. The last screen ends with a fairly tough jump, but it ended up being my favorite screen anyways. It's a nice, harder experience (with a banger chosen by yours truly).

wymcat (8.3/10, 61/100):
wymcat's stage is easily the best thing he has put out, both in design and production. The needle is nice and the atmosphere is pretty incredible (partially thanks to the song choice by yours truly); it's evident that a lot of detail was put into this.

STAB (8.2/10, 74/100):
STAB's stage is basically her take on "I wanna destroy the mars" except heavily nerfed from the original design. Every jump is weird and it's a bit of a grind considering its length. It's a nice stage, though the music quality is slightly grating in parts.

Nine3water (8.2/10, 65/100):
Nine3water's stage is a fairly minimalistic stage with a bunch of platform jumps. It's pretty fun, though there's 1 or 2 jumps that aren't the nicest. The stage used to end with a short (and really not good) pattern avoidance that basically required doing infinite jump needle to get into 1 of 9 safe spots in the screen, but it was removed early on because it was so unfitting for the game.

Shadow (8/10, 73/100):
Shadow's stage is a Rukito area clone, much like Shinobu's area in Discord Makers 1. I personally think Rukito area looks absolutely terrible to play, and Shinobu's area in DM1 also wasn't enjoyable at all when I tried it out; however, this stage is different in that it doesn't go overboard in learning traps and the platforming that goes with it is at a tolerable difficulty. Because of that, it is the outlier in the Special stages, and it's also probably rated way too hard, but that's a very small thing.

q123 (7.8/10, 85/100):
q123's stage is, in my opinion, the hardest in the game. This stage really tests jump consistency because each save has a lot of them. It also sprinkles in a bunch of reverse gravity which makes the stage quite a bit harder than it would be without. Most saves had one jump I wasn't a fan of, but it was otherwise an enjoyable grind.

TheWWworld (7.7/10, 78/100):
TheWWworld's stage is pretty much only 32 pixel grid minus some platform placements. It's a different brand than Bootstrap's stage, though, in that all the jumps are more precise and the saves are overall shorter. Each screen has something that distinguishes it from each other: screen 1 is completely vanilla, screen 2 uses water, screen 3 is filled with traps and triggers, and screen 4 uses platforms. As of 1.03, the save placement in this stage is pretty ass and the stage may run poorly for some because apparently the stage is so terribly unoptimized; however, I was somewhat able to look past that since the needle was enjoyable. It's not world's best needle but it's still up there.

Pingmin (7.7/10, 68/100):
Pingmin's stage is somewhat similar to lvyuki's stage, except slightly more generic. I liked this one a little less because the 3rd save doesn't have anything special, and there's a couple corners in the second screen that I'm not the biggest fan of. Another issue I feel is, like with Flame's stage, the visuals; this tileset comes straight from a stage in "I wanna Discover 50 Shades of Crimson," and it's not the prettiest tileset as it is. However, there's not many visibility issues, so it's not the biggest problem. (Music chosen by yours truly.)

Shimmer (7.6/10, 79/100):
Shimmer's stage is L-needle. This was the most questionable stage in the game (and still honestly is) but no one was prepared to have Shimmer completely redo it or have the stage completely removed. At first, it was almost RIZ-level, but I personally went through and nerfed everything in the stage to be at a tolerable difficulty for L-needle (at least, for me) and to make sure everything was doable without 1-framing. It's the best I could do for it, and I ended up liking the final version, so hopefully it isn't too terrible. (Music chosen by yours truly.)

seVens (7.6/10, 83/100):
seVens's stage really took a turn for the better over the months. What used to be objectively the worst stage due to the possible segments being 90+ difficulty 32 pixel needle ended up being a really chill grind stage with really interesting pathing and perhaps the best song choice in the game. It has its fair share of flaws though; there are a few rather precise vine jumps strewn throughout, and the 4th screen (despite being the longest save in the game) ended up taking me like 5 deaths at most (which isn't really a bad thing, as buffing any one jump would mean having to do said hard jump twice). I'm really happy to see where this stage ended up in the end.

AutumnWater (7.5/10, 60/100):
AutumnWater's stage is the typical type of needle you'd expect from him. It's mostly 16-pixel needle with a lot of loops and the occasional kinda hard jump. It's one of the more generic stages so I wasn't the biggest fan of it, but it's still a fun stage for the most part.

Arcfox (7.5/10, 60/100):
Arcfox's stage isn't what you'd expect from the person that made "I wanna be the Arcfox Needle." Like AutumWater's stage, it consists of a lot of loops and a few generic jumps strewn throughout. There's not much else to say about it.

FallenLeaves (7.2/10, 68/100):
FallenLeaves's stage starts off pretty easy then ends at around the same difficulty as Pingmin's stage. The needle is mostly interesting and pretty enjoyable; however, the visuals are its biggest downfall. The tiles aren't the greatest and they clash badly with the top half of both backgrounds used, so there's a bit of visibility issues; this is more of a problem towards the end of the stage when the needle ramps up a bit.

Chance (7/10, 71/100):
Chance's stage is interesting. You start off in the default yuuutu engine stage, and then get thrown into a minimalistic stage with line needle. A lot of the needle I felt was a little too precise for its own good, mostly in the penultimate screen. The last screen is a good meme, though.

Will (6.6/10, 63/100):
Will's stage is probably the second most generic stage in the game. There's not too much going for it overall, though it's not the worst stage in the game.

Mirror (6.6/10, 83?/100):
Mirror's stage was probably the worst tested stage in the game, and it really shows. Until version 1.03, a save in screen 2 didn't work at all, a jump at the beginning of screen 2 was also impossible (though I did tell them that before release), and there's a pretty huge skip in the final screen (that honestly is for the best because said screen would probably be closer to a 90 than an 85). There were parts I found enjoyable and parts I felt shouldn't exists, so it was more of a drag of a stage overall.

Man (6.2/10, 76/100):
Man's stage is one of the AIDSier stages, involving shorter saves and more precise jumps. Screen 2 has a few very questionable jumps involving 24 pixel openings that put the stage down considerably. Aside from a few saves, though, it's pretty fun.

Big universe (6/10, 78/100):
Big universe's stage is a bit of a mess. A lot of it consists of weirdly awkward jumps. Screen 1 and the first save of screen 2 are fairly difficult, but then afterwards the stage drops off in difficulty considerably and it becomes a bit more enjoyable; you just have to grind there in the end.

Coffee (5.5/10, 77/100):
Coffee's stage is one of the few stages that couldn't be fully saved. While the original design was hilariously awful in comparison (in literally every aspect), what we could get it to still ended up being one of the most unfun stages in the game. The save sound effect is also pretty awful.

Wind (5/10, 76/100):
Wind's stage is easily the worst stage in the game. This stage is all triple jump needle, except almost none of it is really interesting and it mostly comprises of tight, awkward drops and a lot of full-jumping. We couldn't save this stage either; sorry. I'd also recommend changing the BGM since the game loads music externally, as this stage's song choice is exceptionally boring, especially for how long the stage is.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 85 85
Oct 8, 2018
Discord Makers CN Side is a mammoth of a needle game consisting of a whopping 28 stages! With such a wide range of makers, each stage differs greatly from the last, making for a very varied needle ride. Even if you're not committed to clearing everything in the game, chances are you're going to find some stages to like here.

The stages are split into 3 categories, these being 'Easy', 'Hard' and 'Special'. Despite this, I found the stages to be moreso just an Easy -> Medium -> Hard sort of range. A number of stages in the 'Special' category don't feel particularly special. That's not to say the needle isn't good or interesting, but whilst stages like Shimmer's L-needle stage or Shadow's Rukito-esque trap needle stage stand out as very unique, stages like seVens or Q123's are moreso just very difficult albeit creatively designed needle.

In regards to needle enjoyment, I enjoyed a vast chunk of the platforming in this game. I gather from infern0's review that a lot of testing was put into it which is very appreciable given just how much needle there is to work through. Some of my personal standouts include the aforementioned Shadow's stage which was a very creative Rukito+ style challenge, Bootstrap's high-quality 32px heavy stage and Flames stage which whilst being one of the easier ones remained a fun challenge throughout. Even some of the ones I didn't expect to like such as Shimmer's L stage turned out to be surprisingly enjoyable, as it didn't require any cancels or 1f's.

The production value also deserves a shoutout, which is really polished and well done. The interface resembles that of a mobile rhythm game (Voez I believe?) and the style works really well as you navigate the clean menu and aesthetically pleasing arrangement of stages. My only complaint was sometimes after scrolling along I couldn't click a stage until I'd scroll more, as if the page was desynced with where the buttons were. Maybe it's an issue with my bigger window, who knows.

Very worth mentioning that you can back out of any stage at any time and it will save your progress should you want to return later. For a game with such a large amount of stages and variety, this is hugely appreciated and a really great feature of the game.

I did have some gripes with a few stages regarding either design or difficulty. One thing that comes to mind is the water screen in TheWWworld's stage which had some kinda questionable jumps, and a few parts of Coffee's stage were a bit on the unpleasant side. Obviously with a game of this size nobody is going to like everything, and I was still able to appreciate every stage despite some hiccups along the way.

If you're a needle fan then I'd strongly recommend giving this game a shot. 100% completion can be demanding if a number of the stages aren't to your liking, but I'd still push you to give the stages a try and see which ones appeal to you, because there's a lot of high quality needle in here packed inside a very pretty package.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 82 82
Jun 7, 2019
A needle game with way too many needlessly hard jumps sprinkled in across the stages that made those levels a grind that focused on those jumps. A couple examples:

seVens stage, room 2, last drop to the vine (also the 2nd save position here is in a terrible spot).
Shadows stage, room 1, save, 2, awkward corner jump towards the end.
Luciens stage, room 1, save 1, top left drop.

The save balance went all over the place. The visuals in some stages were not pleasing at all, especially the L-Needle area. The beginning of Coffee's stage was a terrible first impression on the stage. The rukito landing was used too often (the sideways spike right above a block that resembles a TAS landing). There are too many small things that piled up that made the game not that enjoyable for me.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 88 88
Nov 26, 2019
Rating based on 100% clear.

Stages you should avoid (my personal opinion):
Coffee, Wind, Mirror, STAB

Otherwise good.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 85 85
Oct 5, 2019
A pretty massive needle collab from the chinese community, featuring some 28 grouped into three categories - easy, hard and special. The naming is a bit misleading, as nothing in this game I would say really dips all the way into the easy realm and much of the stages in special are moreso just very hard.

Having completed all of easy, hard and about half of special whilst giving the rest of them a try, I can say this is definitely one of the more impressive needle collabs. It plays to its strengths well, which while being predominantly traditional engine needle (with a couple trigger needle exceptions and one oddball line stage) really has a lot of variety. There's a ton of different styles present, from windy long pathing saves to tricky gimmick manouvers between water and vines, the aforementioned trigger needle, short precise saves to the extreme of even having an L stage in it.

Production wise its very good all around, though this varies a bit from stage to stage. The menu system is fantastic and the quality of life features are what makes the game for me. With the difficulty and grind presented in many stages, I would not have even considered playing the game if not for the fact you can leave a stage at any time and be returned to the exact save you left off at and this should be a required feature in basically every needle collab of this style. Thanks to this, it probably resulted in my clearing the only L-needle screen I'll ever do, because the ability to just hop in and out as something on the side made it enjoyable in small bursts, whereas a standalone it just doesn't feel worth bothering with for me.

Gameplay wise, its needle through and through. Don't come into this expecting much for surprises because there isn't much. If you're interested in needle though, its probably worth giving a try - the ability to sample the stages and play the ones you like with no gated content and a wide array of difficulty available makes it a solid game to take a stab at from time to time.

Overall, its easily recommended to needle fans or those looking to get more into the genre. There's a lot of styles to try out to get a feel for what kind of styles and makers you like but keep in mind there really isn't anything easy in this game, so don't make it an early choice. It starts in the low 50s-60s for easy, mid 60s-70s for hard and ramps up to about an 80-85 for special. I would probably say approach with care though, committing to beating it is questionable as because while the variety means there's probably a style you will like, there's also an equally high chance there will be ones you don't and this will likely be hard enough that you'll have to grind your way through it for a while.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 85 85
Jul 11, 2019