I Wanna Kill The BLB 2: Nemesis Tamatou

Creator: Tamatou

Average Rating
8.3 / 10
Average Difficulty
46.2 / 100
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Adventure (6) Gimmick (4) Boss (3) Secrets (1) Items (1) Epilepsy_Warning (1) SourPls (1) OpenWorld (1) Tamatou (1)


  • by Tamatou
  • by Tamatou
  • by Tamatou

Creator's Comments:

Tamatou [Creator]

-Six Trails Screen has the Cherry (Trail 3) replaced with the DVD Logo (Thanks to Ongar for this Suggestion)

-You automatically face Bang when his Boss Fight starts

-An annoying Bug somehow got into Version 1.100 which activates the Red Gem Gun in the Trigun Screen when on the lower path.
This bug has not been present in Version 1.000. Either way it is fixed now

-Truki Chan's Voices are Louder now (Also suggested by Ongar)

-When entering a Wrong entrance to the Blue Boots Secret a sound now plays to let you know you messed up
(Thx to Mudkip for suggesting this)

-At the shop there is now a text that says "Press Z or Y to buy"

-Difficulty Down Item now only costs 7200 instead of 9000 cuz nobody could ever aford that.

-New Game / Load Game Screen now has a text telling you how to switch between new and load

-Your Coin Counter briefly flashes red when being touched by Fulcilives1990

-A weird out of bounds at the second fulci screen has been removed

-A secret in the Sailor Mars screen has been nerfed

-Cutscene after Final Boss has been changed in the English Version


Enemy Changes:
-Beam Trap shot speed reduced
-Beam Trap Hitbox fixed
-Red Gem Gun Shot Hitbox fixed
-Gnome Rocket now appears in Cave at Level 3 too


Boss Fight Changes:

Clone / 7736:
-"Finish Him" label added when he's on the ground
-Lower Chance of Clone killing you after waking up
-Changed behaviour of Clone's Super Bullet
-Only allow Max 2 Clone Super Bullets on screen
-Can't stunlock Cloneboss anymore so no easy wins ;)
-Clone can be knocked down with normal shots
-"Tap z or y" label added when punching him

Ghost Pig:
-Health Bar added
-Enemies now despawn when Ghost pig is killed

Mouse Pig:
-Healthbar added
-Illusions now stay on screen for the most part

-Agatha Ring Attack updated with warning sound if not done correctly
-Agatha fire punish collision fixed
-Updated Agatha image in big screen
-Double Mudkipz Glitch removed

Nemesis Tamatou:
-Phase 1 (Main Stage): Micheal Jackson Nerf 6 hp to 5 hp
-Phase 2 (Mars): Sailor Mars Glitch fixed
-Phase 2 (Mars): Fire Balls can be removed with Stone
-Phase 2 (Mars): Secret added inspired by すず
-Phase 3 (Trap): Shoot Label added
-Phase 3 (Trap): Healthbar added
-Phase 3 (Trap): Tamatou can now be shot with stones
-Phase 3 (Trap): Added warning before Agatha spawns
-Phase 3 (Trap): Extra Block added to make it less likely to fall into spikes upon entering the room
-Phase 6 (IQube): IQube Pod sprite corrected when jumping out
-Phase 6 (IQube): Tamatou depth corrected
-Phase 9 (Final): Corpses and Mini Bubbles added

-HP from 100 downscaled to 80
-Healthbar added
-Chance of spawning boxes increased
-More Spikes added that deflect Bullets

-Ring Distraction slightly less seizure-inducing
-Laser from below nerfed
-Pong ceiling and botton of screen out of bounds fixed

Truki Chan:
-Softlock removed


Upgrade Changes:
-Removed Moving Corpse Item. This can now be done by default
-Added Auto Fire
-Limit Magazine Updrage now affects Trolley section


Text Changes:
-(German) Stone Upgrade 2 description changed
-(German) Stone Upgrade 3 description changed
-(German) Final Ongar Encounter typo fix
-(General) Final Ongar Encounter added missing textbox
-(English) Ellbows -> Elbows
-(General) Change Stone Upgrade to say "Amo" instead of "Speed"

Music Changes:
-Shop Music
-IQube Music Loops now
-IQube Music Bug fixed
-Fulci dark stage, added music


Other Changes:
-IQube out of bounds removed
-Shoot Label added to machine in the Bullet Room
-Slower Fade-out at John Deere Screen
-Removed Magoo manipulation skip
-Healthbar disappear when at 0
-Sound plays when killing Bosses
-Fulcilives Soundeffect changed
-Fulcilives Ice screen (Schweinespeck) Platforms changed
-Fulcilives kills you now if you have 0 money
-Fulcilives spawn positions changed
-Coins added in Fulci Rooms
-Room Label position fixed at hub zone when entering from Kevin & Aaron Boss
-Room Label position fixed at hub zone when entering from Trigun
-Reward Label added at hub zone when entering from Kevin & Aaron Boss
-Reward Label position fixed at hub zone when entering from Trigun
-Trolley bullet speed slightly increased
-Cave Tileset changed (it's pretty now)
-Snow Tileset changed (pretty)
-Other minor Tileset additions (Refrain: yeah)
-Torches in Cave Added
-Blizzard Man Room Laser Barrier position Changed
-Increased Size of Patrick in Blizzard Man Room
-Blizzard Mans Bullets can be cancled out with Stone
-Trigun Tileset improved
-Ending Text added
-Easter Egg Added
-Changed some code in the darkness effect object. Not sure if it helps though
-Removed some unused stuff to reduce the file size
-Trigun Bullet speed reduced
-6 Trails: First Trail text size reduced
-6 Trails: Sparks fly toward middle of the screen now
-Removed Sound at IQube Screen
-Main Character Profile Description has more lines
-Calls can be muted now by pressing M


Game Crashes:
-Nemesis Tamatou Boss Screen 3 Aaron game crash fixed


Stuff I didn't fix cuz I didn't feel like it, sorry!
-Tricky Shmup double corpse glitch (Cuz it's funny)
-Title screen esc game crash (It might actually be fixed somehow)

Thank you for playing my fangame.
Be sure to let me know if you stream the game or upload videos to youtube.
I am very excited to watch ^^

Contact me at:
Discord: Tamatou#3848
Instagram: Tamatou_lex

I will probably update this game in the futre. So tell me what you think ^^

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Tagged as: Adventure
[6] Likes
Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Apr 23, 2020

16 Reviews:

This game is really something. It's an adventure style fangame with a somewhat open world format that sports a weird story and fairly high production value. The player is exploring various paths trying to locate 5 cards that allow access to the final encounter. Along the way there are various memes and traps, and some gimmicks. There is also a shop that allows the player to buy upgrades at every save point, although most of these are fairly pointless except for 1 or 2.

As the player finds the cards, various paths get closed off which helps guide the player to places they need to go to find the remaining cards. There's a variety of bosses, most of them are pretty decent and button mashing is encouraged since a lot of them don't have i-frames. This can lead to some excessive mashing especially in the semi-final boss which is conceptually great, the mashing can be tiresome after a few failed attempts.

The difficulty is pretty tame through most of the game and its bosses until the final path where it jumps up a bit, but still maintains being fun and mostly fair since attacks are often telegraphed with warnings and tells to minimize instagibs.

The final boss sequence is probably worth the price of admission alone, one of the more memorable boss sequences I've seen in a long time. There is also an optional boss after the end that can be unlocked which is a pure RNG meme fest of a fight, again optional bonus content if you want it.

You can tell a lot of effort went into this one, even in the weakest parts of the game you have to appreciate the love that went into this one.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss
[8] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 50 50
Apr 24, 2020
Very great non-linear gimmick adventure game which I had a lot of fun with.
Has a lot of questionable rooms with questionable obstacles which I obv don't mind, people who know me well know that I love when stuff just happens or are just there without any sense.
Also amazingly gfx/animations.
Only thing that isn't a problem but I hope the creator doesn't do again it's the megaman-ish framestop if you collect a coin or shoot enemies, it's a nice charm but kinda makes especially for bosses unspectacular if you're a good masher since you can beat the phases very quickly. [EDIT: apparently that was a bug which was fixed, so forgot about that part lol]

Contains a lot of german memes and inside jokes, it's fine if you don't get them.

Note for streamers/video makers: If you reach a boss which is a green computer, before the boss really starts you can shoot 2 saves that let's you decide if one of the visual distraction can contain NSFW art. Make sure you shoot the right save which censors it/don't make it appear.

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick Boss SourPls
[5] Likes
Rating: 9.5 95       Difficulty: 40 40
Apr 23, 2020
Fantastic sequel to BLB 1, Nemesis Tamatou is a gimmick adventure game where you must travel to collect the 5 keycards and defeat Tamatou. This game has non-stop style, with animated cutscenes, dialogue sequences, and even a 3D section (fangames in 2020!).

As said by Erik, my only gripe is that the game will stutter temporarily whenever you collect a coin/gain money, causing for some unpleasant boss fights. Besides a few performance issues with the final boss, this game is a must-play.

Also, don't forget to turn off NSFW art if you are a content creator ;).

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Tagged as: Adventure Gimmick OpenWorld Tamatou
[3] Likes
Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 23, 2020
Игра отличная, не все мемы понял, финальный босс слишком длинный (но играется классно)

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[2] Likes
Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: N/A
Jun 15, 2021
Dude nice

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Tagged as: Adventure
[2] Likes
Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 40 40
May 16, 2020