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For: 913 over days
Needle game that has 10 jumps that you can do in any order you choose, and you have to do them all in a row (i think, not good enough to see if there's maybe a save at the halfway point)

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Dec 9, 2021
For: Iwanna a Girl Of The Sky
A very short, easy needle game. First few screen have the visuals of Traverse the Neon Rainbow and the rest have the visuals of Rely the Needle 3.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 30 30
Oct 22, 2021
For: I wanna be the Ocean Princess
This game is an absolute masterpiece. A fangame that doesn't feel like a fangame, i would pay 20€ for this and be happy about it too. This is gonna be quite in-depth, so if you don't want spoilers, probably don't read it whole.

I really love the music used in this game. So much so, that i compiled a spotify playlist of it (+ Ponder music too):

Ocean Princess has a story. The Kid is a villain and you play as Miku (or Rin/Luka/Gumi) who is trying to get some goddamn piece and quiet. There really isn't that much of it, only a few lines of text at the end of each story arc (there are 3) but what is there made me laugh without fail.

Now let's talk about the actual stages shall we?

Stage 1: The Flooded Steppes
A very strong start to a game. Instead of pure platforming, this stage focuses on puzzles as well. You can push blocks to block water flows. there are also waterfalls, which you can't jump up in. My favorite thing about this stage is water 3, because it's the best water. In fact, the whole game uses water 3 for consistency.

The boss of stage 1, The Atma Weapon, is quite easy, yet still fun to play, with several really interesting attacks (reading ice is especially nice).

Stage 2: The Graggy Ascent
This stage uses 2 gimmicks. The first that shows up is jump refreshers, and Kurath used them well. There are a few rough saves (last save of the stage is the hardest thing in the first 2 arcs for me) but overall it's fun to play, even if it does destroy my hand after a while. The second gimmick is more interesting. You get a bow and arrows. The arrows can destroy purple blocks that block your way but they can also get stuck into pieces of rock (not wood, get your shit together Wolfi) and create platforms. This is where the stage truly shines, with screens that have some of the most interesting pathing i've seen in fangames.

The boss of stage 2 is The Phoenix. It only has 7 hp. Easy right? Well not so much. You only get to attack the Phoenix when it dashes across the screen twice after doing an attack. It's actually quite a run killer, as Wolfi can attest to. In particular there's 1 attack that is always much rougher than the other ones, both to read and to actually dodge.

Stage 3: The Treacherous Tunnels
After defeating the Phoenix you lose your arrows and get a bomb bag instead. These bombs have a 3 second times, after which they explode and yes, they do kill you. These bombs also destroy blocks that block your path. I think this stage hit a sweet spot in puzzle and platforming, where it has just enough of both and not too much of either.

The Frost Guardian is another low hp boss, just like the Phoenix, except only 4 hp this time. The catch is that you have to first bomb 4 fairies (nymphs? worshippers?) in the corners of the screen and then you can hit the boss once, before doing it again, and again, and again. The boss however spices things up by introducing a few spikes into the arena, which actually do change things more than i first thought they would. The boss also has a variety of attacks. Screw the aimed ice spears.

Stage 4: The Temple of Trials
This stage is split into 6 little sub stages. I'll start with my favorite and work down.
-Minesweeper Needle- Exactly what it sounds like. Numbers on blocks indicate where spikes are in a radius of 1 block around it. You can left click to set a spike and blocks change color to indicate when you have the right amount of spikes (not right positions)- green and red to indicate when you have too many spikes around.
-SpikeLove- Miku has a circle around her (radius of 48px). If there isn't a spike within that circle, Miku dies. Touching the spikes also kills you, of course. The pathing in the rooms is easily the best thing about this whole stage, other than minesweeper.
-Labyrinth- Theres a green ball, and Miku can move it by shooting, or pick it up by pressing X. You have to guide the ball towards a target, which disables an electric gate to let you pass. There are green spikes that kill the ball but dont kill the player and normals spikes that kill the player but not the ball.
-Switches- Basically a pathing test puzzle kinda thing. You have to activate all the switches to disable the dreaded electric gate, but the switches also spawn spikes around the room. Hovering your mouse over the switch shows which spikes get activated. When you save, it also saves activated switches, which is the saving grace of this substage.
-Rotating- When you shoot a block it rotates, along with all the spikes on it. My problem with this was that i don't much appreciate long saves and this substage has quite a few of those. Pretty simple otherwise.
-Trail of Terror- Every few moments while Miku is moving, a shadow of her former self spawns behind her. It kills you if you touch it of course, and this forces you to make interesting paths and strats, because you have to collect some orbs to deactivate the electric gate. I'm gonna be honest here, i never bothered to finish this one.

So you defeated 5 of the 6 challenges required to pass through the stage. on a pedestal you see an item and you grab it and run like hell, hoping you can make it out of the damn temple, but before you so much as get past the pedestal, a giant axe swings down and cleaves you in half. So you try again, this time you dodge the axe and, feeling smug about yourself, you walk to the exit. But there awaits you a former foe, the electric gate, yet again blocking your path forward. In the background you hear electric guitars start up with some SourPls music, as arrows, Fish, Spikes and whatever the hell else tries it's hardest to kill you. Welcome to the first avoidance of the game; The Trap Chamber.

Stage 5: Soaring the Spike Skies
The only pure needle stage in the game, and it's also my favorite stage in the game. It's centered mostly around platforms, only my favorite gimmick in fangames. After a few screens, you get special boots, allowing you to triple jump. And after a few screens of triple jump, you get speacialer boots, allowing you to quadruple jump. Really, really, really fun stuff (make more pls)

The Nova is an infinite jump boss, and my second favorite in the game. It has several phases, each with a different attack. Yellow is by far the hardest, but the transition attacks between phases also provide a very good opportunity for a choke. This boss has one of the best songs in the game imo.

Stage 6: The Overgrown Garden
This stage is so close to being my favorite. So damn close, except the boss is by far the hardest boss for me and it kinda dampens my mood when i play it. Let's see. This game continues with the platforming only thing from stage 5, but it switches Needle for Bramble. Or Thornle if you're Wolfi. As you could probably guess, there is a lot of creativity involved in this stage. The actual player killers are all interesting shapes and sizes, making for some incredibly strange yet fun jumps. This stage is also very pleasing to the eyes, especially when playing at night, since it's quite dark.

Oh Medusa. Medusa is the boss of this stage, but before you actually get to fight her you have to get through a few waves of her minions, stone statues with some cool attacks, but it isn't that hard to get through. Medusa is a whole different beast. It starts of very light, a few bullets and attacks, and she even brings some old friends back when she spawns a few minions. Her enrage phase on the other hand is insane. Medusa is of course a gorgon, meaning that if you look at her for too long, you get turned into stone. Funnily enough, this doesn't kill you instantly but with the clusterfuck of bullets going around, it might as well. Having to balance turning around, shooting, then turning around again while dodging a LOT of bullets and mystic snakes flying around makes this the hardest boss in the game imo (i do seem to be the only one though)

Stage 7: Scaling the Castle Walls and The Castle Halls
2 stages in one Pog. The setting for the first half makes for some very cool jump design. There's also a sort of spotlight gimmick, in the sense that there are red circles going around the place and if you step into one prepare to be impaled by about a bajillion arrows. The inside is the better part of the stage, with the best gimmick. Frankly i doubt i can explain it whatsoever but let's give it a go. There are three layers of spikes, red, green and blue. Pressing up or down switches the layer, switching which spikes kill you. This opens up sooooo many possibilities for pathing, and Kurath makes full use of it. Honestly i would've preferred this much longer than it is.

The Vault Vipers make use of the gimmick from the castle walls. If you're on the green layer, you can only shoot the green viper and only green bullets can kill you. Very cool boss, but i had to kill it twice because the first time i kinda sorta walked off the edge and died.

Stage 8: The Darkness Follows
AKA the MonkaS stage. Basically a race against time. You pass a trigger and The Darkness starts enveloping the room from the top to the bottom. First you race out of the castle halls, then have a bit of a free roaming section around the castle walls and finally you leap down the skies, where you have a new gimmick which refreshes your double jump every 0.8 seconds.

The Darkness is the best boss in the game, no discussion. It is an avoidance, set to the tune of Selenium Forest by Plini (best song in the game). It is a mostly pattern fight, but i end up doing something different every time i fight it anyway, both because i forget my strats and because it's fun. Play it, even if you use the finished save Kurath provides in the Creator's Comment.

Stage 9: The Acid Bog
Personally my least favorite stage in the game. The gimmick, acid bubbles you can jump on to get a lot of height and refresh your double, or shoot so they spew acid around them, which can destroy certain blocks. There really isn't anything wrong with the stage itself, it just felt like the most forgettable one with my least favorite boss.

The Tormented Soul. I dunno man. I just really didnt enjoy this fight much. The movement around was interesting, instead of solid ground you have acid bubbles everywhere. If you fall, you fall into acid which kills you. I had more of a problem with the attacks of the boss, which were either completely free or a GIANT problem to dodge (except for Blasting Nova which is always a problem to dodge).

Stage 10: The Sandy Sprint
As a reward for defeating The Tormented Soul and turning the acid back into water you get a neat little upgrade to your gun. You can either shoot spikes, which turns the into block or you can press X to send out a little bubble of water3 (FeelsAmazingMan). You only have 3 shots though, so use them well! This stage has many different paths you can take and strats you can do. This of course means that a great many people, myself included, get stuck doing a very questionable strat because we didn't think to do anything different.

The Malevolent sands. I don't like Chase bosses much. What saves this one, however, is that the platforming you do is procedurally generated, which brings a lot of variety and keeps it from getting stale. Every time you touch a spike or get hit by one of his attacks Mr. Sandman gains power, and at 100 power your screen slowly starts turning into sand and then you die. Your pistol also got a downgrade. You now can't turn spikes into blocks, but you have an infinite amount of shots and and you can still shoot your bubble.

Stage 11: The Deep Dive
You have a choice here. You can take the submarine which can go through spikes, however this wakes up the wildlife of the ocean which can swiftly destroy the submarine if you're not careful enough, or you can go down without the submarine and do some damn hard underwater needle. You have to kill 4 seals, one in each corner of the stage.
-The top right: The Seal of Size- Dotkid needle. Good desing, has a few dotkid skips. The boss circles around, shooting a lot of bullets and you have to shoot it. Not much more to say.
-The bottom right: Seal of Structure. Hard to explain. There's a special block. You can shoot it to create a solid block or shoot it with x to create an empty one which pushes the real one up. Lots of creative freedom with the paths you can construct.
-The bottom left: The Seal of Spacetime. There are black holes around which pull you towards them if you're in the radius. Getting used to this takes a while but it's so cool i don't mind. The boss on the other hand... I didn't like it much. If it had a bit less health i'd like it a lot more i think.
-The top left: The Seal of Spikeform. Floor is Lava: Fangame edition. When you touch an orb spikes dont kill you and normal blocks will. Hit it again and everything is back to normal. Very cool concept with good execution too. The boss i choked like 4 times so i don't have the nicest feelings towards it.

Once you break the 4 seals, you can fight The Kraken. Which is also one of the easiest bosses in the game. He does a lot of stuff but most of it is fairly easy to dodge, just watch out for the tentacles.

Stage 12: The Outer Gate
The final stage of the game! It's quite a puzzly stage. When you hit a trigger, it light a fuse, which travels to TNT, which blows up blocks and lets you through or blocks your path. You can put out the fuse by jumping on it. Nothing too complicated really.

After the platforming and before the boss you can do minigames to get a special ability for each of the lovely vocaloid girls. I'm not going to spoil them, you really should go into the blind and get a laugh or two out of it. Just know that these abilities are damn useful to get through the boss.

Before you can fight the final boss, you have to defeat 4 crystals (why does Kurath love the number 4 so much? I dunno probably something to do with DotA).
-The top right crystal: A vertical section, with kids shooting at you, the crystal shooting at you and what i can only assume are windows shooting at you. Yeah, lot's of bullets.
-The bottom right crystal: A little throwback to medusa, with new minions. The crystal splits into many crystals, of which only 1 is real. When you kill a minion from the current wave, it points you to the right one.
-The bottom left crystal: A library, with books that shoot and a few kids too. This one was probably the easiest one of the bunch.
-The top left crystal: A robot octopus thing. I dunno, it was pretty hard.
When you destroy a crystal, the others get stronger, so choose wisely.

And finally, The Portal. An extremely cool boss that i beat way quicker than i should have. That is all.

So yeah. If you made it this far, thanks for reading (or skipping ahead). This is my favorite fangame, and one of my favorite games ever made. Clearing it meant a lot to me, as it was the longest clear so far, and probably will be for a long time. Speedruns soon, when i get consistent at some of the stuff im not good at.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 65 65
Dec 23, 2018
For: I Wanna Destroy the Needleverse Ez
Nerfed version of I Wanna Destroy the Needleverse and it's really, really good.

Let's state the obvious first, this game looks so incredibly good. One of the best looking fangames out there i would say.

There are 4 stages in this game. Each stage also has a secret. If you get the 4 secrets, you unlock a guest stage area, with stages from Wolfi, Skulldude and Dribix. They are all very solid, with Dribix being my personal favorite. After that is a neat, if a bit short section called The Core which uses most of the gimmicks found in the game to great effect, followed by an escape sequence.

I can't really speak of how the nerfs are in comparison to the original game since i never cleared that but the balance seemed good.

No real opinions on the music, wasn't my style.

Do recommend.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 40 40
Nov 28, 2018
For: No one can hear you turn in space
The unnerfed version of cosmo's stage from NANC. I quite enjoyed this. I find Cosmo's design quite fun and since the flippers flip the whole screen instead of just the kid i didn't have many problems with that either. Do Recommend.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 52 52
Oct 2, 2018

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