I wanna be the RUKIMIN!7(SEVEN!)

Creator: るきみん

Average Rating
6.8 / 10
Average Difficulty
50.0 / 100
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Adventure (6) Avoidance (2) Trap (4) Gimmick (4) Boss (4) Secret (1) Items (2) BulletHell (1)


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24 Reviews:

Incredibly good adventure game. It's one of the very few fangames I've played so far that I would play again lots of times just for fun. The restarting music is quite annoying, but that aside, the game is really good. There aren't many traps around, the game is mostly focused at its gimmicks, so the traps aren't very creative, but they do their job. The gimmicks, on the other hand, are really good, and some of them are quite rare to see. But the best part of the game are the items. Each boss you beat gives you an item, and the use of these items range from purely visual things, such as changing the clothes of your kid and of your blood, to the hover boots, which are extremely useful (And fun to use), once you learn how to use them effectively. The difficulty comes from random points, mainly from learning how to use Stage 1's gimmick, from the Bullet Hell mini-game at Stage 3, and from the last 2 bosses.
The bosses are extremely well-made, the visuals are very good and the musics are cool. Loses some points because of the bad english at the dialogues (Nothing that can't be understood, and at least it's in english, but it still breaks the atmosphere of the game once in a while).
This game is unique in lots of different ways, and overall a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 40 40
May 19, 2015
Review has spoilers, so be careful, but before actual review, I want say that I recommend for everyone to play this brilliant adventure game, even if you are beginner! And yes! Review is based on clear on difficulty medium, with some secrets!

Game has 4 stages, but some stage has even some kind of mini-stage.

First stage is green, green garden stage which include lots of traps, but some interesting gimmicks with gliding over road and cloud gimmick. First boss is fun but really easy ( it is strange boss selection tho).

Second stage, which is lego stage, I liked, however special gimmick isn't fun actually - activating blocks with mouse cursor. Still stage is well designed and have really fun boss! I liked it however it have just some attacks.

Third stage is stage which includes climbing up to mountain, touhou gimmick mini game with boss, and actual third stage boss, which I didn't really liked, however after you die on troll, you have savepoint and you don't need to recomplete boss, which was very kind!

Fourth stage is basically selection of 2 stages ( I don't now why creator didn't make 2 different stages instead of one big fourth stage) which includes A castle of a nymar stage (if I get it right, because name is written on japanese) and eternal bloody castle stage.

A castle of nymar stage had very fun trap needle and boss, which probably is my favourite boss in game.

Eternal bloody castle stage includes strange flying mechanic and 2 actual final bosses: Rukimin and Pochi. Rukimin would be fun if there won't be one silly attack.. This is only boss which I completed on -2 rank (in this rank that attack was removed), and then boss was fun for sure! Pochi I didn't like, but that god attack bonus which you get after beating rukimin was very useful! It allows to skip 3 attacks what you want!

After you beat pochi, you get heartwarming story with suzoku which I really liked!

Overall, this game is very good! Even restarting music and traps wasn't so big problem for me to enjoy game! Game has good production value, good mucic and nice game designs! Secrets , extra content is in game too how far I know, and this game gives you big possibilities to play! I highly recommend this game! I had so much fun with this for sure!

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 41 41
Jun 11, 2017
There are a couple of screens I absolutely hate, but the rest is simply amazing.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 47 47
Sep 17, 2015
This games production value is great, it's probably the most well-made fangame I have ever played. The games have restarting music and generic spike traps. Other than that the game is awesome, especially the bosses.

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 35 35
May 22, 2015
Don't let the good visuals fool you, as this game is on par on being one of the worst fangames I have played yet. Obnoxious traps, hideous gimmicks and annoying bosses. The danmaku stage was somewhat okay but good luck beating the boss with low power. It's also pretty unstable, and you've gotta use CFF Explorer on newer OS'es in order to make certain objects show up properly.

Not recommended as expected, only if you're really going for the K2 Mountain Challenge.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 53 53
Jan 28, 2019