I wanna be the RUKIMIN!7(SEVEN!)

Creator: るきみん

Average Rating
6.4 / 10
Average Difficulty
51.6 / 100
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Adventure (12) Avoidance (6) Trap (10) Gimmick (10) Boss (9) Secret (1) Items (2) BulletHell (1) Extra (1) Mashing (1) shmup (1)


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38 Reviews:

Incredibly good adventure game. It's one of the very few fangames I've played so far that I would play again lots of times just for fun. The restarting music is quite annoying, but that aside, the game is really good. There aren't many traps around, the game is mostly focused at its gimmicks, so the traps aren't very creative, but they do their job. The gimmicks, on the other hand, are really good, and some of them are quite rare to see. But the best part of the game are the items. Each boss you beat gives you an item, and the use of these items range from purely visual things, such as changing the clothes of your kid and of your blood, to the hover boots, which are extremely useful (And fun to use), once you learn how to use them effectively. The difficulty comes from random points, mainly from learning how to use Stage 1's gimmick, from the Bullet Hell mini-game at Stage 3, and from the last 2 bosses.
The bosses are extremely well-made, the visuals are very good and the musics are cool. Loses some points because of the bad english at the dialogues (Nothing that can't be understood, and at least it's in english, but it still breaks the atmosphere of the game once in a while).
This game is unique in lots of different ways, and overall a very enjoyable experience. Highly recommended.

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Rating: 9.6 96       Difficulty: 40 40
May 19, 2015
Review has spoilers, so be careful, but before actual review, I want say that I recommend for everyone to play this brilliant adventure game, even if you are beginner! And yes! Review is based on clear on difficulty medium, with some secrets!

Game has 4 stages, but some stage has even some kind of mini-stage.

First stage is green, green garden stage which include lots of traps, but some interesting gimmicks with gliding over road and cloud gimmick. First boss is fun but really easy ( it is strange boss selection tho).

Second stage, which is lego stage, I liked, however special gimmick isn't fun actually - activating blocks with mouse cursor. Still stage is well designed and have really fun boss! I liked it however it have just some attacks.

Third stage is stage which includes climbing up to mountain, touhou gimmick mini game with boss, and actual third stage boss, which I didn't really liked, however after you die on troll, you have savepoint and you don't need to recomplete boss, which was very kind!

Fourth stage is basically selection of 2 stages ( I don't now why creator didn't make 2 different stages instead of one big fourth stage) which includes A castle of a nymar stage (if I get it right, because name is written on japanese) and eternal bloody castle stage.

A castle of nymar stage had very fun trap needle and boss, which probably is my favourite boss in game.

Eternal bloody castle stage includes strange flying mechanic and 2 actual final bosses: Rukimin and Pochi. Rukimin would be fun if there won't be one silly attack.. This is only boss which I completed on -2 rank (in this rank that attack was removed), and then boss was fun for sure! Pochi I didn't like, but that god attack bonus which you get after beating rukimin was very useful! It allows to skip 3 attacks what you want!

After you beat pochi, you get heartwarming story with suzoku which I really liked!

Overall, this game is very good! Even restarting music and traps wasn't so big problem for me to enjoy game! Game has good production value, good mucic and nice game designs! Secrets , extra content is in game too how far I know, and this game gives you big possibilities to play! I highly recommend this game! I had so much fun with this for sure!

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Rating: 8.9 89       Difficulty: 41 41
Jun 11, 2017
Rating includes 100% completion (all items, Ex Suzuko and extra ending). Difficulty rating is for Medium mode. Consider a 60 for Hard mode, which includes some additional screens and challenges.

Ahead of its time. Instant favorite.

Rukimin!7 is a stampede of sensational creativity and the variety demands a comprehensive description, but that entails spoiling the experience, so this review has only the intent of making an overview of said awesomeness. Game consists of mainly 5 stages (arguably four if one counts the main hub):

Stage 1: A trap game! Oh no. Woe for me. But wait... The experience is immensely random and funny. Many traps are really unpredictable and knock your socks off. The first screen does this at least once with an otherworldly feeling that this is not your typical trap game. Game looks exceptionally gorgeous and each screen becomes as legendary as the next one. There is a section down below when you locate the first cannon that propels you away, and that trap is definitely a tribute to James Rolfe's parody of Super Pitfall: hilarious overkill. That just blew my mind. It gets me every time and if you put attention to every single detail, it's all there. The clouds, I won't deny, are super annoying, but they're funny during the first times and afterwards you realize it's only two screens (one more during a chase of Stage 4, but whatever). The boss is exceptionally hilarious in its mockery of bad Japanese-to-English translations.

Stage 2 ramps up the creativity bar with a Lego stage. Amazing visuals too. There is a grudge with this stage though: clicking on blocks to activate certain mechanisms. There is just no way. Combining the mouse with the keyboard/controller is a big "no". Let me focus on one thing. The Hard difficulty in particular poses a challenge since there is an extra long side-scrolling screen that requires you to either think super fast AND move super precise, or simply do a trial-and-error exercise that culminates in a muscle memory exercise. Apart from that, the stage is a great idea and the boss is ok fun.

Stage 3: A mountain climb. It is particularly fun in Hard difficulty since the game finds a way to make a "chase", And when you do achieve to climb to the top, amazing surprises await for you, with the first one being the best: a SuperStarRideAttack vertical shooter. Expect to have an "S" rank in this challenge only playing the Hard Mode in order to achieve something that will be discussed later, but the point system, movement, attack, shift slow-mo strats and enemies are delightfully well made and fun to play! I have never seen this in another fangame, but most importantly, I seriously doubt it would work this well. Boss is probably referenced in the Gradius stage of K3 and the song is a badass banger. Climactic ending too!

And that is only the first part. The second one is like travelling into a hand-drawn child book and a kid's dream. It's only two screens long unfortunately (plus the extra stage to the right of the first screen to get a secret item), and Suzuko, the first avoidance boss, certainly increases the difficulty exponentially during the playthrough, especially on Hard mode, which increases the length of every Touhou-like attack. In Medium mode she is also hard, and in both modes she is arguably the hardest boss in the whole game (I'd agree with this remark on Hard mode hands down). I required a Rank-2 to beat her in Hard mode, which took forever, and all because of the final attack. Spawns are unreasonable.

After this fight you do get a heart attack but it's all a brilliantly pulled-off prank, and the good jokes continue.

Stage 4 shows more interest in the visual design and has a section of straightforward needle platforming (with a fun chase that features the aforementioned, annoying bouncy clouds), it has one of the most ridiculous bosses ever (in the good way) and, if you do not count this as a separate stage, the final castle area which, if played in the Hard mode, requires you to do two additional things, the latter being exceptional: going through fire cannonballs instead of only dodging the giant gray cannons, and using a cannon to go through a gate at full speed. The latter is ridiculous! Lots of trial and error are required to make it possible. In the Medium mode it's still hard, but it removes the upper spike so it is no longer a gate.


The final boss. It requires discussion, and here's where I make an extremely important mention. Items in this game are key for making it distinguishable. They are visual jokes, but also weapons, and depending on the difficulty you're playing, some can actually be used as a weapon against the bosses: play on Medium and you lose this awesome advantage. My favorite is Suzuko's bell by a large margin. Visually and conceptually, it is very fun and attractive, but it is also tricky to use because the bells can also hurt you! So use them with calculation and caution.

Rukimin in Medium becomes a smashfest, and it is actually HARDER than the Hard mode. In the Hard more, she has more attacks and faster ones too, but using Suzuko's bell against her is extremely effective due to her constant teleporting, and with the correct setup, you can get rid of her in 10 seconds. Forget about this very fun story for Medium mode.

But THEN comes Pochi, and it is the embodiment of why I love experimental decisions in any art form. You seemingly have summoned a nightmare demon, an entity from a disturbing realm to your world. The haunting music creates cognitive dissonance and the entire boss, which is an avoidance, has amazingly-looking and non-generic attacks except probably for the 360° randomness which is oh so fun to play through without the "C" item which makes everything explode into stars. Having the correct movement strats with the "S" shoes is key, plus very precise moves. Pochi is an audiovisual experience I will never forget.


You took your Japanese classes, right? Of course you didn't. Remember, though, that EDAMAME MEANS BULLET. Spam "E" repeatedly and you'll see that a golden pea will come out out of a thousand (haven't decrypted the game to know the real probability; maybe it's 1/512??). It takes a lot of spamming. You have to return to every single boss in the game, but there's a catch! You don't have to beat them again. You have to spam "E" like a madman while avoiding stuff. If you manage to make the boss EAT (yes) a golden pea, the boss will say "Umai", which in Japanese (in the context of food) translates as "delicious".

Go back to your room and you'll see that the statue you earned for beating the boss now shines as gold! Good luck doing this with the rest, because it is spam-fest time (awfully boring).

This is, of course, the most bizarre and cryptic thing ever, and you can take it in the most positive or negative light. Of course it is 0 intuitive; it's the kind of think you know how to do thanks to reading Nintendo Power back in the days. Someone has to inform you. Take it or leave it.

But this doesn't apply to two bosses in particular: Fake Moon and Dark Desuo. For the former, you need an "S" rank, and for this, you need necessarily +10,000,000 points. That means no saves in between. When you finish the game, the game has a fabulantastic extra hub system that allows you to switch difficulties, add a second player to the fun, teleport immediately to any boss, reset the ranks on all bosses and access the secret area. Damn is this game good. So, play the former on Hard mode. If you happen to be in Medium mode, the game is kind enough to offer you the choice to continue from where you started or start a new game anew. Amazing! Even the save system is advanced compared to more recent acclaimed fangames. The point is that after making a single run, you have to grind through the second attack and you'll notice that your lower counter begins to increase. This counter actually increases when the sprite of your star is touched by the attacks of your enemies. Raise it up to approximately 1,000+ and your hits will now garner you more points. Be sure to be over the 10,000,000 points mark as you can still get a rank below "S" which is AAAAA. lol.

For the former, just win the ending credits minigame, correctly pressing Z and X to spawn black and white circles (and don't die; you'll understand me at some point).

In this process, I had another grudge which I blame to the game's programming entirely. I fed the golden bullet to the Super Red U.F.O. and to Pochi several times, and they wouldn't be triggered gold. It was endlessly frustrating. If this happens to you, REBEAT the bosses. Then they will be triggered. Took me hours to find out. It sucks.

And there you go: head to the extra hub, activate the special area, head to SuperStarRideAttack section and fly to the moon. Welcome: you're in the extra boss.

This boss is an oddity, not legendarily difficult since it is 95% pattern and out of this 95%, 40% is position based, so feel confident to develop a position strat. Final attack, however, is very annoying due to the platforms having absolutely zero use for the damn boss. When you're going in circles counterclockwise, you stumble upon the goddamn platforms! They're just in the way because...

Still, you can beat this boss rather easily if you have enough skillz with the "S" shoes.

After that, the extra ending is one of the most gorgeous farewells I have seen in a fangame. It's delightful as a good anime's closing. It also wishes you happiness, which particularly was well-received during a very difficult personal week.

If you still want to be even more well-treated by this amazing adventurous dissonant comedy, head to your room for the last time and you'll see the most pleasant "You're the Great Guy" decoration you will ever have in a fangame... probably.

Exceptional, well-balanced between platforming and bosses like Influka and Gustav would demand, amazing hub systems, great production value, great items and an awesome final boss merely begins to describe this genuinely ace experience. It does have flaws, which I already mentioned, but getting past them is easy when there is so much to take in.

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Rating: 8.1 81       Difficulty: 50 50
Oct 12, 2020
This is one of the worst fangames I've ever played. Production value means nothing if the gameplay is the worst kind; broken gimmicks, traps placed in worst places possible, invisible spikes, weird engine physics, invisible block mazes and terrible RNG trash bosses, as usual. I seriously wanted to quit playing fangames forever after having to finish this for K2 challange; absolutely not recommended.

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Rating: 0.8 8       Difficulty: 84 84
Dec 2, 2015
There are a couple of screens I absolutely hate, but the rest is simply amazing.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 47 47
Sep 17, 2015