I wanna be the Locus

Creator: PomuRin

Average Rating
6.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
72.0 / 100
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Adventure (3) Needle (2) Avoidance (4) Trap (4) Gimmick (3) Boss (2) Secrets (1) Puzzle (1)


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11 Reviews:

Review updated. Rating finally includes secrets and extra.
One of the great older fangames. I didn't have any high hopes for this one, and these hopes didn't go up in the first stage. It's not generic, but the traps aren't anything outstanding or funny (Maybe surprising once in a while), and the moving enemies are far more annoying than you can possibly imagine. However, Stage 2 is the one used in the Stage Rush of Cultured, and you can tell that the game's quality goes up (And the difficulty probably goes down a bit). The level design gets more creative, and the visuals are more pleasant to look at. With few exceptions, it's also great gameplay-wise.
Stage 3 brings us the gimmicks. I have mixed feelings about this stage. At one hand, I love the creativity of some gimmicks, and how well are they used for the most part, and yet, one thing kills the whole stage: The invisible kid. The concept is great, and it could even be fun to use this gimmick, but the game didn't use this concept to its fullest. The result is the last save of the stage, probably the most annoying in the whole game.
Stage 4 is by far my favorite. This time, you're in a water stage, and must get through lots of passages to unlock new paths, while avoiding stuff such as eletric waves, traps and ocasionally some basic needle jumps. This is the most brutal stage of the game when it comes to chases, and the needle jumps are casually placed in an unmerciful way. Nevertheless, the level design is one of the best I've ever seen in a fangame (Nothing feels out of place, all the spikes and obstacles you'll see really feel like they belong to the stage. All of them. And that's very, very rare to see in a fangame), and the visuals are great as well. It feels like a completely different game.
The boss is great, as well. It's not as hard as most of the platforming, but it's still a bit hard, without being unfair. There's always room for you to escape (Almost always, actually), and the fight is very fun overall. Plus, the boss is cute.
The secrets, on the other hand, are a true letdown. Stage 1 and Stage 2's secrets are very uninteresting and even boring, to a certain extent. Stage 2's secret is also very confusing to reach, with a completely unnecessary placement for some triggers. Stage 3's secret is terrible. The first and the last jumps are two things that I just want to never go through again. Stage 4's secret is the only one that is somewhat interesting, it lives up to the stage's platforming to a certain extent.
However, these secrets are needed for the next part of the game: The extra stage. This stage is just wonderful. There are diagonal spikes, which allows the game to introduce a lot of interesting needle jumps. There are moving wheels, and switches that will make the lava move according to your needs. Everything is very well-designed and original, and just like Stage 4 it's something that you probably won't see in another fangame. Also, the background gets more and more red according to how deep you go in the stage, which creates a very interesting atmosphere. I actually like it at least as much as I like Stage 4. Maybe even more.
Then, the extra boss comes. Another letdown. It's a simple avoidance with standart visuals (I just got out of one of the most amazing extra stages I've ever seen to face...This?), and mostly uninteresting attacks. I just can't bring myself to like it. It's still not bad enough to ruin the game, though, it's just...Nothing outstanding, in a very outstanding game.
There are a couple issues with the game, such as the restarting musics (They are great, and the death music is nice, but knowing the game's difficulty, you won't get to enjoy much of them), Stage 1 and the secrets, but nothing serious, and I believe that Stage 1 is intended to be bad (It's still an issue, though). Also, the extra stage makes up for the secrets.
Basically, this game gets better and harder as you progress through it. So, if you believe you're skilled enough, I definitely recommend it. Otherwise, I highly advise you to stay away to polish your skills for a little longer.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 79 79
Apr 8, 2015
Locus is a fairly old adventure with a heavy emphasis on platforming and traps, complemented with some gimmicks here and there and a couple bosses. It stands the test of time as I ended up having a pretty fun time with it, minus some questionable gotcha moments and pseudo-galaxy brain secret placement.

Each stage focuses on a single gimmick, however simple it may be. Perhaps the most well-known of which is the screen wrapping stage (seen in C1) and the green state-changer stage (seen in K2). They're all fairly interesting, although I felt the traps could often take away from the enjoyment of the save design. My favourite was probably the state-changing stage, although the final stage with angled platforming was pretty interestingly designed.

There are only a couple of bosses, one normal-sorta-end-boss and then the true final boss (or rather, avoidance) if you collect all the secrets and beat the final stage. Both are pretty fun, with the boss making for some fun barrage dodges and fast thinking whereas the avoidance has a couple of learny segments, although it doesn't last too long which is appreciated.

With a secret in each stage, there are a couple that are pretty easy to spot, often having a visual clue to guide the player. A couple however (particularly one in the water stage) I ended up missing and had to look up a video for. You can revisit the stages but you can't leave until you beat it again, so unless you want to replay stages it might be worth giving ol' Fatalbrain a checkup to see where they're hidden.

A fun adventure overall. So long as you're not put off by traps and a couple of sketchy save designs, it'll scratch your classic fangame adventure itch pretty nicely.

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Rating: 8.6 86       Difficulty: 72 72
Apr 24, 2019
I'm confused. I understand that the game sometimes was a little annoying (restarting music, strange physics, unfair random). BUT! It was fun.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 70 70
Mar 7, 2019
Locus is a game I wish I didn't finish.
Needle game featuring 4 short stages, a boss, an extra stage you can access when collecting all the secrets and a final avoidance.
Stage 2 is fine and the boss is decent, and it's the only places I have no real complaint for because the rest of the game is heavily flawed. Stage 1 is your typical uninteresting trap section in that kind of game, not too bad but not that good, stage 3 is extremely unpleasant to play because it was built on very annoying gimmicks such as invisikid or spotlight. Add awful traps to that and you have the worst stage in the game by far. Stage 4 and extra stage have good concept but are filled with overprecise tight jumps, making them more frustrating than fun.
Each stage has a secret, and if some can be found thanks to indication ingame, some are just hidden in dumb places so you have to look at a video to find them.
The final avoidance took me 8h on a 12h playtime, it's a very uninteresting and unoriginal one with the outrageously learny k2 attack near the end. If like me you're not used to that attack, you're gonna have a very bad time learning it. That attack aside, it's honestly not that difficult, but it's just frustrating to constantly die because of some stupid patterns at the end when the rest of the avoidance is RNG dependent, because most of the attacks can be either free or stupidly hard depending of your luck.

If it wasn't for the FSR, I probably wouldn't have played it, or dropped it at the avoidance. I'm glad to haave beaten it, but I clearly wouldn't replay it again.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 73 73
Jun 22, 2020
Rating includes the extra stage & avoidance.

When I booted up the game I had high hopes for this game. The presentation was good, traps were somewhat limited but tolerable and the gimmicks overall were cool. I had that feeling up until I got to stage 3, where that hope quickly crumbled into pieces.

PomuRin normally makes very good stuff like he showed off in Conscience but here it's very lacking. Cool and intuitive gimmicks have to make place for awful needle setups, annoying traps and something that turned into a grindfest. The difficulty is all over the place, some saves took me ~10-15 minutes to beat and most of the time the next one takes me within less than 2 minutes.

Stage 3 had some alright gimmicks and most of the platforming was okay, but the entrance and exit into the secret of this stage can be very annoying. The last screen just screams why. It gives you the invisibility gimmick but with precise 1 block jumps all over and spikes that raise out of the ground. Spamming Z helps a little but even then it's still very hard to beat the save.

Stage 4's stage again once again was very intuitive, but this time the second half of the stage turns way harder than it should be. The save where you have to backtrack a bit and eventually move right with a spike wall chasing you was atrocious. For me the water felt like it was against me and made jumps a lot more harder than they normally are. This stage introduces a gimmick where you can shoot various switches scattered around the stage to move the tide of the water, and you use this to move to places you can't normally access to. Unfortunately this part of the stage starts at the second half, so all my issues I had above apply here. The secret is also pretty cryptic, where you have to hit a certain ceiling in order to go up to where the secret room is. This could easily be overlooked if you don't know where it is.

The extra stage had some really unenjoyable platforming starting at the 2 platform saves. It takes a very long time to go from save to save because of the spinning spikes that have very uncomfortable hitboxes. The tide gimmick of the previous stage also returns for this stage but this time instead of hopping onto boxes you hop on boats this time. I feel like this time it showed off it's capabilities really well but once again the sheer precision you have to execute on every jump became very tiring.

The extra avoidance was somewhat fun actually! It isn't too complicated aside for a few attacks that are a bit meh but they all have strats that once you figure them out they should rarely if not at all bother you anymore. There's the iconic K2 attack where everything homes in on you which might take you the longest if you don't know how to do it successfully yet, but when you do you'll beat it in no time.

I just can't seem to agree with other people's reviews for this game. The needle in this game is very lacking and the game experience overall was just subpar. There's just too much bad stuff that unfortunately consists of the majority of the game, and even some of the good moments like stage 1, stage 2 and the extra avoidances won't justify making game look any better.

Not recommended.

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Rating: 1.8 18       Difficulty: 71 71
Feb 16, 2020