Crimson Needle 2

Creators: Kale, Zero-G, Nikaple, TheNewGeezer

Average Rating
8.0 / 10
Average Difficulty
89.7 / 100
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Needle (15) Boss (4) 100_Floor (8) Long (4) Dotkid (1) Crimson (5) x_Floors (1) hardjumpsintheendofthesave (1) disbalanced (1)


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Creator's Comments:

ActualKale [Creator]
Heya, we updated the game. The purpose of this update was initially to make the game a little smoother to speedrun but none of the changes me and Zero have done alters the game in a way we think is detrimental to the experience for anyone, thus we decided this should be the official version and public for everyone.

I won't go over all the changes, noteworthy ones include: new character, slight boss changes, new sprites (in a few places), an option to turn off the respawn fade effect, skipable credits, less dishwashing, platforming improvements throughout (primarily in the second half) and bug fixes.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 90 90
Feb 26, 2018

37 Reviews:

Edit: I now realize how a lot of my criticism was a bit too scathing; my issues with the game do still stand but I respect that there was a fair amount of effort put into this project that's incomparable with most other fangames out there, and it isn't fair for me to trash the game in the extent to which I did without acknowledging that. It has additionally been quite some time since I've touched a chunk of the main game so I forget whether or not I enjoyed chunks of it. I've removed my rating for now; I'm keeping my original review (minus one unnecessary comment that I shouldn't have made in the first place) below for anyone who wants to see my initial stance on the game.

The only thing this game did better from the original was the production value, which in the end doesn't matter much because there's more bad platforming than the first game. Floor 100 is especially terrible; it's pretty much the exact opposite of how to make enjoyable long saves. There are enjoyable rooms, but they're still far and few in between.

The boss at the end has no place in a needle game of this caliber at all and the fact that it even exists is a huge middle finger to the player; I spent 18 hours getting to it and regret it completely because it's such a huge wall for me. Needle skill =/= boss skill, and it just feels like a punishment for somehow making it out of absolute hell.

The idea behind Crimson fights in general is just not very good, and this boss is no exception. The fight is way too drawn out and makes every attempt that lasts more than a minute very stressful; the fight is really boring if you want to survive and super bullshit if you want to get through it quickly, and there is no happy medium so you either have to wait forever and hope you don't choke or bash your head into walls of RNG until you somehow get lucky enough to get somewhere, and both methods are not enjoyable in the slightest. The fact that you have to move along with the blocks makes the entire thing so much worse.

In it's current state, I'll never be able to beat the game, which is very disappointing because the main game had a fair amount of content I really did not enjoy; I can only hope that the boss will receive a couple nerfs in the future, but until then (if it even happens), I can't bring myself to fully recommend this.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: 85 85
Sep 19, 2017
In the Menu all grapich comes to an end.

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 90 90
Sep 22, 2015
Theres so much negative i have to say. But why say something negative when its only going to start a flame war.
Positives are the new level design, its a little easier some stages and the balance of difficulty seems there. Not many bullsh*t screens. Music choice is merciful and the ability to change character is awesome! Been wanting to see something like that for a while.

Negatives.. The best part of the fangame IS the title screen, then it begins to turn to ass. I dont feel like explaining whats wrong just to get shunned and ignored like sword slinger, But since im being threatened to speak ill speak. This fangame is pretty much DLC of crimson needle. its 100 rooms of 50% unoriginal jumps, 20% tedious jumps, and 30% original jumps. It's going to overstay its welcome by screen 30 or 40. Adding saves to nerf it on some screens isn't exactly a nerf, From the first screen with the K3 grid i knew this wasn't going to be enjoyable. I didn't like the first crimson for the similar reasons and because of its random difficulty spike. This one could have it but i can't even stand playing this fangame. This fangame could not have taken "a year" to make. hell 2 months at most! we could be getting much better original fangames. adventure fangames with story or.. not just another 100 rooms needle bullshit. granted its better than Happil hard medley but that doesn't say much. I give fangames like alphabet a higher review because of the ideas. Im a guy who appreciated new things on the wiki, new fangames and concepts whether they're bad or good. This isnt anything new. This is crimson needle 1 made with a better difficulty curve and better design. Nothing new is brought to the table.
I'm not bashing the creators, i'm bashing this game for what it is.

Update : sorry if this review seems like bashing, i never meant for that. I meant to voice why this fangame isn't good.

Update : Fucking screen 92 and 100, you are the best things ive seen in so long. Its like im playing MSR.

Another thing. wasn't original Crimson noted for its traps!? you'd think these would be trap based but they went with needle. This doesn't contribute to the 3/10, I just never really understood why.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 75 75
Sep 18, 2015
What an incredible challenge this game was. When I first saw videos of Crimson Needle 2, I thought it was way too difficult to beat for my skill level. But I decided to man up and try anyway.

As a player who hasn't played very many fangames, I didn't feel all that confident trying to complete a 90+ difficulty game. However, I knew the challenge would be fun, rewarding and worth it. I became surprised by how quickly I was beating some of the later floors in the game, like 50-70. I realized that I can beat the entire game as long as I stay determined, and thankfully I did. This is by far the most rewarding fangame experience I've had.

As for when the game gets truly difficult, I actually did not really have any long grinds (3 hours or longer) until floor 98 and above, and that's what really surprised me the most. I thought I would start struggling to even get to floor 30.

The final boss is incredibly fun and not really as difficult as you might think. It may seem a little unreasonable at first, but after you come up with a good strategy, it's really not that bad. It took me 10 hours, which is not that long for a hard fangame boss. I'd say it is about as challenging as Kamilia 2's final boss.

And of course, what makes this needle game better than most is how it does not rely on spamming corners and diagonals to be difficult. There are a ton of really interesting, unique, challenging and fun jumps. Also, the visuals and music make the already good gameplay experience even better.

Overall, Crimson Needle 2 is my favourite fangame (for now at least) that is definitely worth playing.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 92 92
May 27, 2017
Ratings based on 1.92, not including the boss or the troll "92."

The pinnacle of needle design and one of the best platformers I've played period, fangame or not. Every save explores the very basic concept of "jumping through spikes" in a unique and exciting way that kept me engaged with the game for all the dozens of hours I spent with it. Kale pushed platforming design to its limits while still managing to create a fun game in the process, and god damn if that's not an accomplishment.

If you're not prepared for a very long grind, you might want to stop playing at floor 100, though. It took me 19 hours by itself, after spending ~40 hours on the rest of the game. I have no real interest beating in the boss either, it's too disconnected from the rest of the challenge the game provides for me to care. But the rest of the game is so enjoyable that I won't dock points for it.

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Rating: 10.0 100       Difficulty: 90 90
Jun 18, 2018