I wanna be the rainbow MIKU

Creator: ぺる

Average Rating
6.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
74.4 / 100
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Needle (4) Avoidance (4) Trap (4) Secrets (2) Miku (2)


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11 Reviews:

Rating based on version 1.0. I'm not sure about what was changed in version 1.3, or even if something changed in version 1.3, aside from the Green Stage (Nerfed to a certain extent). Rating includes secrets and extra boss.
An interesting game and a brutal challenge. There are 7 stages themed after the colors of the rainbow. The first six stages must be beaten in order to unlock the seventh stage, the green stage. Each of these first six stages has a secret that must be found in order to unlock the extra boss. There's no secret in the green stage.
The platforming isn't really interesting, but all the bosses are well-made and some of them have cool concepts.

Red Stage: Among all the stages, this is probably the one that makes the least sense. When you see the Blue Stage, you can call it the Water Stage as well. When you see the Purple Stage, you might as well call it the Needle Stage. But when you see the Red Stage, you can only call it "The Red Stage". The saves in this stage don't share anything in common, which makes it feel really out of place in the game. The secret is extremely tedious, but it's not really hard to find.
Red Avoidance: Features plenty of troll-ish attacks. Heavy pattern, low amounts of RNG. Some of the pattern attacks are a bit hard to follow.

Orange Stage: Reminds me of Rukito's platforming, for some reason (SSR 2, to be more precise). I really enjoyed this stage, although the last save was quite hard, and if you miss the secret, you'll have to do it over and over again until you find the secret, which isn't pleasant at all. The secret isn't unreasonable to find, but it's not easy to find, neither easy to get.
Orange Avoidance: RNG-heavy, almost no pattern. Enjoyable.

Pink Stage: Traps and triggers everywhere. There are only two stages with traps in the game, and this is one of them. The secret is extremely unreasonable to find, and the stage even trolls you by giving you a trigger that seems to be unlocking a secret, but doesn't unlock anything at all. The platforming isn't bad, but getting the secret ruins it.
Pink Avoidance: Extremely pattern-heavy. The attacks aren't too hard to predict or to avoid, and there are very few RNG attacks (One of these attacks can give you impossible RNG, but it's just one). I would call it the easiest avoidance in the game.

Yelow Stage: The other trap stage in the game. Even if it's a trap stage just like Pink, the traps are different, so the stage still keeps its own identity. The secret is very unreasonable to find and doesn't make any sense at all.
Yellow Avoidance: Pattern-based avoidance with plenty of tight attacks that you have to dodge in a tight space. Easy for the most part, but one of the attacks is really hard to figure out, and two of them are quite hard to avoid, which makes the fight way too tedious. The concept is still good, but breezing through the first half just to die over and over again near the end isn't fun at all.

Blue Stage: Water Stage. It's the stage with the most obvious and tedious secret in the game. Probably the stage I disliked the most, as well.
Blue Avoidance: Extremely RNG-heavy. The attacks with invisible cherries are brutal, and I'm not really fond of the music, but making an avoidance inside of the water is an interesting idea, and it's well implemented in this game.

Purple Stage: Needle Stage. It's nicely made, not unfair, and the secret is easy to find, although it's not easy to get (It's probably the hardest secret in the game when it comes to straight platforming).
Purple Avoidance: Easily my favorite avoidance in the game, and probably the hardest among the six first ones. It's a nice mixture of pattern and RNG attacks. Neither of them is exaggerated, but both are still hard. Loved the music, too.

Green Stage: Lenghty stage with only one save at the beginning. Features plenty of needle jumps, some of them being really hard (To a certain extent, still nothing really unfair) and some being just fillers. Each death weighs a lot.
Green Avoidance: Simply brutal. Lots of RNG-heavy attacks and weird pattern, and the spinning attack near the end makes it twice harder than it should be. It's also very lenghty. One thing I really liked in this avoidance is how it manages to reference all the previous avoidances: Simple pattern attacks that are just there to kill you once, like in Pink, along with more complicated pattern attacks that can be really tricky to figure out, like in Red, heavy RNG attacks just like the ones you'll seen in Orange, tricky chasing attacks that are particularly common in Blue, and the urge to kill the player lots of times with twice as many pattern attacks near the end, like in Yellow. And the difficulty comes from multiple points, like in Purple.

Extra Avoidance: Don't let the slow-paced music fool you, this avoidance is quite hard as well. Tons of RNG along with some pattern here and there. References the Green Avoidance at some attacks (It's easy to recognize which ones), along with some attacks from the other avoidances as well, but at the same time it's completely different from the other avoidances, mainly because of the slow-paced music, and because it's twice more lenghty than most of them (To be more specific, it's almost 7 minutes long). The slow music makes the deaths less painful (Since the music is slow, cutting it suddenly doesn't affect the mind as much as it would if the music was more fast-paced), but it still gets tedious after a while. It's a consequence from making a very lenghty avoidance.

The bosses are very interesting, but the platforming is lacking at most stages, and the secrets are a complete disaster. Would only recommend if you really enjoy avoidances.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 82 82
Jun 21, 2015
Rating based on version 1.03 and all clear.

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 65 65
Jan 11, 2021
Rating includes all secrets and the extra Miku avoidance.

A pretty old fangame featuring 7 stages based on the colors of the rainbow. Each stage may vary a bit, one features a ton of traps while the other features water needle or just pure needle. Every ending of a stage features an Miku avoidance. You need to beat each of them to beat the game. There is also a secret in every stage, which is required to access the final Miku avoidance at the end. The Miku's also vary a bit in what they have to offer, but all of them contain a mix of RNG and pattern. They all manage to be unique in their own right and I appreciate that.

There are a couple of moments which I didn't like at all. The blue stage has water physics which feel very heavy, thus making simple movements quite a bit harder than they should be. The reason I'm mentioning is that to access the secret in the stage you'll have to backtrack back and forth and the save features a couple of gates which felt very obnoxious to pull of everytime.

A few avoidances also had moments where getting lucky RNG is key to beating them. In the green Miku fight early one there is an attack where a bunch of pink fruits spawn on the screen and bounce around through the entire field, and when that attack ends all of the fruits launch directly towards you. It can be unpredictable the first time but once you know it exists it's just a matter of not getting closed in by the fruits that bounce around, or else you'll get shot to death in notime.

The final avoidance is veeeeeeery boring. It's an almost 7 minute long avoidance with long attacks and painfully awful RNG-heavy attacks. 90% of the time it felt like it wasn't even my fault, since I had nowhere else to go right before I died. Near the end of the avoidance there is an attack where a flower spins around and enlarges more and more until it leaves the screen. It can be a bit annoying to learn, especially because that attack happens around ~6 minutes in. It's way too random to be enjoyable and unfortunately lowered my rating a bit.

It's an oldschool game with classic avoidances and basic but enjoyable needle. Most of them fail in the fairness department, but if you can overlook that there are some neat avoidances for you to beat.

Would probably recommend it.

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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 70 70
Feb 15, 2020
very fun

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 80 80
Sep 2, 2019
Rating based on ver 1.02.

Decent enough for a game made before K2's time, the red miku somehow took me longer than the 6-minute one.

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Rating: 7.5 75       Difficulty: 65 65
Aug 12, 2019