I Wanna End My Growth

Creator: RandomErik

Average Rating
8.5 / 10
Average Difficulty
34.1 / 100
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Adventure (19) Gimmick (13) Boss (7) Story (1) Short (9) Art (1) Shortventure_2017 (3)


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46 Reviews:

Actually not so short adventure game made by Eric for Shortventure contest 2017.

Game is divided in 3 stages and 3 bosses + final boss. Through all the game you have gimmick in which you can change in different kid's forms: small kid, regular one and a big one. Each has its own benefits and can help to make game easier. I should disagree with ElCochran90 that basically you can play only with regular kid and everything is going to be fine. In my opinion, there are a lot of places which are good to change kid's form for different reasons. With small kid it is good to make easier jumps and to be able to dodge everything pretty fast. Big kid is good for bosses, when you want to deal more damage (it helps on second and third bosses). It is interesting to change them, even though I wish it would be more convenient and that you could change while jumping. It also has some skips with small kid, for example in stage 3. And I guess most of the time I was playing with small kid through platforming, and normal and big kid used mostly on bosses. I liked this gimmick.

Speaking about platforming and bosses I should say that platforming was very well-done and I don't have much complain, except for final stage, on which sometimes I had feeling that some parts were not intended with small kid, but some otehrs required squished diagonals for small kid and etc. Also on one screen there are several buttons but you can skip all of those, which seemed very whimsical and strange for me. Bosses are mostly fun, even though second one is the longest and hardest boss in the whole game, but final boss is too easy and quite repetitive, in my opinion. Also game has hilarious story, I should admit.

Overall, it was fun experience, and I don't have much of complain. Since it is my first game, which I play from this creator, I cannot compare it to others, but it is definitely worth trying to for any kind of player, I guess. Highly would recommend.

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Rating: 7.7 77       Difficulty: 33 33
Aug 21, 2019
This is happily received by the community as Erik's best game, and the reasons are very easy to understand: light humor, hand-drawn aesthetics, a funny "story", hidden easter eggs towards other users, great music, good graphics and creative bosses. Making a marathon these days through Erik's games, I must favor the intense experience that Blocktroid 2 was for me, so that one stands as my favorite, but this comes as a second choice.

The gimmick is inventive. It is not as exploited as it should be, and this is a con. You will find yourself playing mostly as regular Kid most of the time because, well, we're used to the little guy. The mechanics for the other two transformations are very well thought out; the problem is that not many situations require it. Bosses are creative bliss, but not as well done as those in Blocktroid 2, and to be honest, the final boss is very disappointing and flawed: Boss 2 poses a bigger challenge and is a longer fight than the final one. Also, as it is Erik's habit, the final boss has the ability to summon past bosses; here, that depends on RNG, so my second attempt at the boss had him summoning bosses over and over again with little time to hit the final boss, and at a time called the first boss three times in a row without him making any attack! This is very tedious. Sure, it is unlikely to happen again, but that doesn't make it impossible. Also, it doesn't have a second phase, which would have made him much more interesting.

Still, for a short-not-so-short adventure, it has its charms and the Cuphead inspiration is even more palpable than ever. Give it a shot: we need inspired artists like Erik and not so many users that copy-paste formats and generic-jumps trash.

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Rating: 5.8 58       Difficulty: 35 35
Jul 31, 2019
Great adventure game with a hand-drawn art style that oozes with personality. The size-changing gimmick helps add variety to the platforming but why can't you change the keys for changing sizes! 012 was inconvenient to me but I eventually got used to it. A few saves seemed a little bit harder than others but overall it was a very enjoyable experience.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 39 39
Jul 29, 2019
This game is a huge improvement in visuals and monsters' animation, and the fact that everything is hand-drawn is astonishing.
But I don't agree with most of people, this game have several problems.
The first one is the growth gimmick: I feel that it could have been more. The big form serve to jump higher and break huge blocks in the plateforming part and the small form have a smaller hitbox but almost all the times you must change form, you can just stop and take your time to stop. Maybe it's due to that fact that it's a beginner game but things like an autoscroll when you must change form various times could have been a good idea. I really think that this gimmick has a good potential but never reach it. Also, none of the boss really use the gimmick, and even if the big form is supposed to deal more damage, I didn't noticed a big difference and came to use only normal form for bosses. I finally complain that we cannot change form in the air because I think it could have lead to interesting mid-air maneovers.
And the second one is the bosses: most of them are disappointing (but clearly not bad!) especially the two last ones. I probably feel like this because I played this right after the blocktroid series but I think bosses were more interesting in these games.
In overall even if I pointed only the bad points, the game is clearly not bad and if you are a fan of Erik unique artstyle, I guess it's a must play but I think beginners will enjoy it more than more experienced players.

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Rating: 6.4 64       Difficulty: 35 35
May 12, 2019
A fantastic adventure that kept me in a good mood throughout the entire playthrough! Nice various gimmicks, interesting bosses, cool artstyle, everything in this game is amazing

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 30 30
Feb 16, 2019