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For: I wanna be the New
Overall pretty solid trap game. Stage 3 is at the pinnacle of well made trap design, but unfortunately the rest of the stages never reach that same level. The bosses for the most part were very good and also had high production value, however, the final boss had too much visual noise and screen shaking.

The biggest question I have after all of this is why does a game with so much production value have resetting music and no easy way to make it full screen.

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 55 55
May 26, 2017
For: I wanna be the Overlord
Not many creators are willing to go through the effort of creating a fully fledged metroidvania-style fangame, and among those, hardly any are successful in what they set out to do. I wanna be the Overlord is one of these few successes, creating a multi-stage game world that has branching paths, secrets, puzzles, diverse enemies, intricate bosses, and a variety of stage themes/gimmicks. The difficulty is curve is well done, with the platforming never reaching that frustratingly difficult level (though some secret areas may be difficult for new players, and there were 2 "enemy only" screens which were awful). Although the bosses are generally harder than most of the platforming and have some attacks that can easily screw you over from RNG, this doesn't reach extreme levels and with the level up system even newer players to the fangame genre can probably finish if they grind out some levels. However, these bosses don't really feel progressively more difficult due to the branching nature of the game, and sometimes later bosses can even feel easier than early bosses because you have more damaging tools at your disposal.

My main complaints when I first started (lack of attack range, not being able to teleport to hub at will) ended up being resolved via hidden items/rewards. That said there are still some minor issues that I had with the game, less having to do with the game world itself and more having to do with the lack of polish on the metroidvania elements. First off it isn't very clear what certain items do, they have no in-game description and most just end up taking an inventory slot and are used once and never again (does the secret bosses' reward give you more souls? Why would people want this when it's probably the last thing people do in the game?). Finding certain items can prove to be very difficult, so perhaps more "hint npcs" would be helpful to point you in the right direction (ie. a cryptoria npc hinting at needing the nattgard torch would be useful). Likewise, the customization of weapons is fairly lacking. You can find guns which only provide a base damage upgrade (so if you find worse guns there is no real point in using them) and the only variety in the actual shooting you do involves the few rings in the game (and there is an obvious optimal ring which makes all the others obsolete). Similarly, leveling up just increases attack power by 1 which is pretty boring, though I don't really know how to solve this since something like a "guts" mechanic would be worse. The biggest disappointment was probably the ending, as after having a seemingly story-driven opening at the beginning of the game you beat the final boss, credits role, and that's it. Some sort of cutscene at the end resolving the story itself would go a long way in making the ending seem complete.

Although there were some minor elements that could have been done better, overall this is one of the few "must play" fangames and is recommended for players of all skill ranges.

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Rating: 9.8 98       Difficulty: 50 50
Mar 24, 2017
For: I wanna climb the Witch's Tower
To be honest the main reason I decided to play this game was because of the Umineko theme and the game itself seemed to be around my skill range. That said I was pleasantly surprised to find that for the most part, Witch's Tower is an exceptional game.

The basis of what makes a good needle game is interesting and unique jumps that you need to take a minute to look at to figure out how to best approach it, and for the most part this game is successful in that. Pretty much all saves had at least 1 jump that I needed a moment to think about, but once solved, it wasn't too hard to input the correct key sequences. The best segments were those that needed you to figure out how to best save your double jump (generally those involving vines and water). Additionally, part way through some of the maps become interconnected which is always welcome, and the visual design itself was very pleasing. I didn't really enjoy the music in stage 1+2, but with stage 3 and beyond it vastly improved (yes I know stage 1 had Umineko music, but it was a track that got old fast).

Although there is plenty good with Witch's Tower there are several things which brought it down. Namely, the major problem is save balance. For a game that is seemingly intending to be ~60 difficulty (and the majority of saves are around here), there are several segments that felt incredibly easy (with 1 even being in stage 5), along with a few segments that are way over-tuned. In fact, you go from one of the easiest saves in the game 5-3-2 (Stage, Screen, Save) to one of the hardest 5-4-1. Likewise, 5-5-2 is also out of whack compared to everything before it and an easy fix to the jump after the F jump would make it much more manageable.

Other problems included the addition of a filler choke jump to the end of almost every save and some extraneous jump platforms that actually made it harder if you tried to get to them (possibly a design choice to fill the room?). Additionally, I didn't really like the dildo spikes that become introduced in Stage 4 which caused me to find the first half of the game much more enjoyable (although the very last save was great). That said these secondary problems are minor and don't detract too much from the quality of the game itself, the main problem is the difficulty scaling, other than that it is a very enjoyable experience and I hope to see more from this creator.

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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 65 65
Mar 16, 2017
For: I Wanna Get Cultured 2
Rating is based on any %

One of the most enjoyable fangames I have played. Specifically, the platforming segments are very well done with a very consistent difficulty curve between stages, though the levels inside each stage can feel somewhat weird as usually the harder stages are near the beginning and the very end, while the middle tends to be easier. The overall quality is extremely high with a great soundtrack (possibly the best out of any fangame) and deep customization. On top of this there is a huge amount of content after the base game such as challenges and bifficult mode (which is way beyond my skill set).

Although this is one of my favorite fangames, several issues take away from a perfect score. The main ones being the large difficulty spikes at some of the bosses, preventing one from playing the much more fun platforming segments, as well as some lack of quality at some guest stages. Because this game took me forever to beat, comments for each segment are below.

Stage 1: Fun start and fairly good difficulty. Though perhaps a bit too easy as it will spike up at stage 2.

Boss 1: My second favorite boss, has great music, cool visuals, and doesn't have too many moments where you feel screwed over by RNG.

Stage 2: Harder than stage 1 by a fair bit. Most of the screens felt at the right difficulty compared to the rest of the game, though Buddha felt like it should have been at stage 3.

Boss 2: Boss was "okay", but some segments just felt like filler (potions guy/solgryn). Ending was funny.

Stage 3: Harder than stage 2, but not by much. The 1st and 2nd levels felt harder than the rest, with Jiongyohai feeling worthy of stage 4 (screen 2, save 2 of Jiongyohai broke my finger).

Boss 3: Similar to boss 2, it felt "okay" but I really just wanted to get back to platforming as I was learning it.

Stage 4: Good stage overall. No balance issues here.

Boss 4: Worst boss in the game. The difficulty spike between this and the earlier bosses is insane. Even post-nerf this is the first wall that will stop a lot of people from playing, which is sad since otherwise this game is so good. Not only is this boss hard it's also bad; boring and long beginning, high RNG that can completely screw you over in the middle and end, the end is very learning heavy so you need to farm the easy beginning over and over hoping for good RNG. Final attack is also bull.

Stage 5: All levels felt very great, especially after such a terrible boss.

Boss 5: Best boss in the game. Although it is as hard, if not harder than boss 4, most RNG feels fair (except for thwomp part). The smartest part of this boss is the RNG order of the destination and anime girl segments, making farming feel less mundane (something I wish the final boss did with its platform parts). Also has the best boss music.

Tower Climb: First 2 screens have terrible platforming, last screen is good.

Stage 6: Kady > Gaywizard > Stinky > Wonderful > Klazen > Piece >Sephalos > Hiddow

Kady: Great mechanics and platforming. The jumps all felt fun and had some good puzzle elements. Best stage overall

Gaywizard: Good visual style. Platforming was interesting, although perhaps a bit too easy. Very strong stage overall.

Stinky: I felt that this stage had the second best platforming out of the guest stages, however, the gimmick was boring and unnecessary.

Wonderful: I am not a fan of gravity gimmicks, and this was by far the hardest stage. However, at the same time I felt this had the strongest base platforming out of all the guest stages. However, there was still some bad designs; There were not many chances to actually test out how the gravity felt after you changed to it (lots of spikes above you after gravity changes), and the second save on the second to last screen was overkill (buffed diamond at end of hard segment, when rest of the game barely teaches you how to do normal diamond).

Klazen: Coolest mechanic, but felt a bit clunky standing on top of your clone. The puzzle elements were cool but very easy, and the jumps themselves weren't anything special. But again, the mechanic was very cool.

Piece: Average platforming, too many unnecessary memes. Lots of annoying save mistakes where you would need to backtrack, or jump and shoot after a death when a location trigger would have been much better.

Sephalos: Not really that bad, but subpar compared to many of the other stages. Wasn't really memorable in anyway.

Hiddow: Terrible stage. It visually looks the best, but there are lots of basic mistakes that aren't seen anywhere else in the game. Almost all the saves are in the air, almost all saves that require timing make you need to wait for 1-2 seconds, the saves have very inconsistent difficulties with them alternating between very hard and very easy. Lots of the jumps themselves were boring, but frustrating. Additionally, without a guide it would be even more annoying to try to figure out where to go with the need to backtrack more than needed.

Boss 6: An epic boss fight, which could have potentially been the best if not riddled with so much extreme RNG. This fight had tons of cool looking attacks, but when actually playing it, it's almost as bad as boss 4. Phase 2, 4, and 5 are essentially pray to RNGesus you don't get hit by an orb curving right at you off screen (phase 4) or having a bullet spawn right on you (phase 5). The saving grace of this boss is how lenient it is with the saves. Due to the large number of saves, this boss is actually easier to beat than boss 4 and 5 (though due to heavy RNG harder to master). Much like this review, the fight probably drags on for too long. The production level and unique attacks are there, but the fight itself remains frustrating.

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 73 73
Dec 29, 2016
This is an extremely solid game that in my opinion deserves a higher score, and more notice than it currently has.

Platforming: The bulk of this game is the platforming, and with that in mind the platforming design is the best part of this game. There are a high number of good screens and several great screens mixed throughout the game. No screen felt boring, and most had interesting, non-basic jumps due to the high amount of jump refreshers and gimmicks. The gimmicks themselves were decent, though my favorite screens tended to only have refreshers, defreshers, and water. Inertia fields were cool but clunky, and the duck launchers were annoying (though luckily there weren’t many of these). Additionally, there were some difficulty scaling issues, with some saves being far easier than others even in the same stage (this is very apparent near the end).

Boss: Very cool avoidance boss which wasn’t too difficult, but had a lot of interesting attacks. Only complaint is that the first 30 seconds are boring compared to the rest.

Story: For a fangame the story is pretty cool, and at the same time is non-intrusive/easily skippable.

Other: Although the game itself is excellent, the main problems arise from coding issues. Text is tiny on fullscreen, pop-up text will knock you out of fullscreen, there is at least one moment where the game crashes (death to troll elevator crusher), death noise is way louder than the amazing OST, and rarely you can get stuck in a platform.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 58 58
Dec 25, 2016
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