I wanna be the Fangame!

Creator: tijit

Average Rating
7.2 / 10
Average Difficulty
43.9 / 100
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Adventure (12) Trap (10) Gimmick (9) Boss (8) Secrets (1) Long (1) Classic (1) Fangame (1)


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Creator's Comments:

tijit [Creator]
thankyou everybody

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Dec 10, 2021

46 Reviews:

This is one of the first fangames that I played. First of all let's just say the physics in this game are way different that what we're used to now but it's not that bad for it to be unplayable (I will admit it makes easy jumps kind of weird the first half an hour). The game has a lot of original ideas in it. The music in this one is godlike.
Major problems with this one would be: The physics being clunky and making jumps awkward, waiting: there's a lot of it and incosistency interms of quality (some bosses being awful and some ok)

It's a fun adventure game and worth playing. Super beginner-friendly even if the physics are weird

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 40 40
Jan 27, 2018
Probably one of the most famous fangames out there, this one features some rather creative bosses. The last saves are rather painful, and the difficulty curve is somewhat off, but overall, a very interesting experience for beginners and experienced players (Although beginners might consider playing something else before venturing into this game).

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Rating: 6.5 65       Difficulty: 51 51
Feb 10, 2015
Review have a lot of spoilers, and is based on usual clear on difficulty hard , with one secret!

One of the first fangames ever made (if not first), which is way different than other fangames and is quite long to beat it.

After you see or skip first cutscene of the game, you won't see any title screen or something, you just get right into choose of savefiles. Difficulty is set on hard, but you can choose other if you want, I didn't wanted to change difficulty and wanted to look at the game on standart- hard difficulty, and after beating game and looking up other playthroughs in other difficulties, I can say, that difficulty change is similar to original IWBTG, because higher difficulty is just based on lower count of saves, however bosses didn't get harder as I thin, but still I can say that, you should play on difficulty hard, because it isn't much harder than medium, and is even more fun to play. Oh now to let's go to main game!

In the beginning of the game, you have to clear 3 different paths, with different worlds, to get further in the game. I will tell paths in order how I completed.

First path I choose far left path which was the most obvious for me to choose. Well, to get to different world, you have to survive and get further on disappearing/appearing blocks in the beginning and then you see the main route. This route contains 3 different world and 1 boss. First world I hated, where you have to in the timing go forward and wait when you will be thrown up, by mystic creature. It was 2 screens, but I was annoyed, by different gravity physics, which will be through all game.. Second world was pretty easy, just timing based part, where you need to go forward and avoid random bullets. Then you have to avoid coins which throw box creature and then when you got through different traps, you get to first boss of the game. Pretty annoying boss from Doom (?), which is boring, have attacks, where you just need to stay in corner or just go in one direction... Noting too worth, to talk about. Then you get key and get to temple, which you will see in the game once more, and you will see that, you need to complete upper path, but there is downer path for other time. Well, this upper path was way harder than downer, but still pretty enjoyable, and good idea, oh, and when you complete it, you can exit temple, and get again to first screen of the game, yeah!

Then I choose route through door which, wants to kill you, but if you avoid it, and then juminto it, you will get to second route, which similarly to first have 3 different worlds, and one bossfight. Well first world, was pretty confusing for me, because there you have different gimmicks, for example, platforms and double characters, but with double characters, you won't easily guess, where you have to go, and I accidently have gone to secret, and then I saved, because I thought it is maintained in the main any% first playthrough, but then I understanded, that I have to complete secret ( which is blue potion), because there is no exit from secret like in other games... Secret was pretty hard and confusing, but I got it, and then I was teleported to the beginning of second route, but then when I completed this strange first world, you got to one screen of pacman, which was boring and precise for me. And then you get to pokemon area, which basically is trapland, and bad-made world, where you have to go through confusing paths and confusing traps, to get to bossfight, where you have to beat 6 pokemons if I remember correctly, from which last one uses every other pokemon attacks. Pretty confusing bossfight, but some fun. Then you get key and then you get again to temple, where now you have to go downer path, which is a lot easier, but still fun. Then you get again to the beginning of the game.

Last route is to the right, and it is the best route from those three in my opinion. It have 4 worlds and 1 mini-world, like previously with pacman, and one real boss. First world is basically the beginning of original guy, but more fun and have more traps and was fun to deal with. Second world was.. I don't know what that meant to be, but it was quite fun and have more strange traps and random sprites of back-notes,bandages and other stuff. Third world was the most fun world for me, however I didn't expected it, it was Portal world with Megaman music in the background (music which was used in the original guy), but it felt very fun to play, and I wasn't frustrated. When you finish Portal world, you have some kind of mini-world, where you have to complete snake minigame (?), but you can't, because random plane flies into you (??), so you need to go to other portal, and there you have to go on different disappearing/appearing blocks, you will hear spooky music, fire in the background, and plane which now won't kill you (hurray!), and then when you complete this, you get to second room of snake, but now it won't have any planes, and you just need to complete room completing this snake which s from blocks and get further. Then you will get last world of the route, which is bubble-bobble world, which have the worst water physics I have ever seen... That was very afwul and I just didn't get , how they works properly... And then is boss from bubble-bobble, which again uses these physics... Pretty anooying bossfight in the mouth of the creature, and then you get key, you have to complete some screens, and then random portal from portal (^^), will teleport you to tower, where now after passing every route, you can get further in the game.

Last route of the game was pretty much uninteresting in the most part, however riding on keyslots and avoiding clouds, I really liked and didn't get annoyed. But then you have to go through strange maze of traps and hidden blocks. And then you need to follow to Sticky keys and then strange boss from kid icarus, which wasn't too hard, and then you get to another castle, where gameplay is still boring.. If you completed this second castle, you will get through to tube to... to mario world! Well, for me it was annoying, however, the most annoying save, which was based on avoiding falling blocks and avoiding flower bullets, was the only save, which I enjoyed. Everything else isn't worth of mentioning, just strange timings, jumping on gumbas and avoiding 1-up mushrooms. If you have completed this you get to another room, which now is from ducktales probably if I remember correctly ( or it was still mario?) and then you need to complete long room riding and shooting bats. Uhm.. For me it wasn't so annoying, however it was sometimes too precise and annoying. Then after some screens is final part of the game.

In the final part of the game, you should firstly complete reunion tower, which uses every creature from every world, and make one big challenge, but I somehow randomly completed it ( 2nd try guy segment, and everything forward first try), but still I didn't really enjoyed that segment... Then you have to beat Final boss the game - Sticky keys, which have 5 attacks, and everytime, yo should shoot on cancel button. First attack is based on position, if you are under cancel button stick goes down and tries to kill, but you should run away, and shoot cancel button, then it shoots one fire, and that far, when you deals enough damage to it. Second attack is based on running away from 3-fire attacks, which is pretty easy, if youknow how to do it correctly. Third attacks is based on fact, that you need to kill 4 random sticky-keys clones, by dealing enough damage to cancel button. Fourth attack, sticky keys goes slowly from down, to up, and you need to deal enough damage to get to last phase, or you will need to wait, and do third attack again. Last attack is the only problem, because you need to deal enough damage to kill sticky keys, however it goes more below, and more below, and you need to kill it in time, or you will be pressed by sticky keys... One detail , what I have noticed, is that sticky keys and its clones can glitch in the left wall, so be careful or sticky keys will disappear, and you will need to restart. And then you have last part of the game- you need to escape from castle and this whole world. Kid should run, and he will go through last castle, while blocks fall down from sky, will go down to temple, and then you get again to the beginning of the game, but you need to run to left and avoid firewall and if you got this, then you see sweet and so long waited credits!

Details about game:

1. If somebody have question where is k2 screen, then you need to find secret trial 2.
2. Game has restarting music, which can get pretty annoying (however in reunion screen it helped to get right timings).
3. Game has totally different physics from nowadays fangames.
4. Game has a lot of secrets and secret stuff to get if you want to.


Decent adventure game, which have variety of worlds, tilesets, music, ideas and etc., and etc., but game is pretty annoying and even boring to play, so I can say, that I definitely can recommend game only in that situation if you want to do kamilia 2 savage mountain challenge, but in other situations I wouldn't recommend.

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Tagged as: Adventure Trap Gimmick
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Rating: 6.2 62       Difficulty: 42 42
Jul 24, 2017
As a new fangamer, i don't understand this game and the hype. Beside, there are some funny part, but that's all.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 45 45
Jul 8, 2016
A classic.
This is one of the first fangames ever made, and the creator, tijit, even made the first IWBT engine, and ALL engines now are based on his original one. I remember the GM7 version of it, back in 2010, it's what got me into game maker.
Of course the quality isn't going to as good as now, of course the engine is a bit outdated. But it's one of the first ones. It's like comparing Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario Galaxy, for the time, they're as good, both revolutionary and very fun to play.
This game has amazing music, atmosphere and it is even open, just like the original IWBTG, it has some amazing areas, and I really love the Pokémon boss battle, it's just really, really good!
So I give it a 9/10. A classic!

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 45 45
Apr 1, 2016