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For: I wanna be Ivijulsc
Fun needle game, included avoidance bosses at the end of each stage, would recommend for first time needle players.

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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 60 60
Apr 4, 2018
For: I Wanna Be The 4 Elements
I thought this game was pretty good for a mobile game, however there are better fangames on mobile. The game starts off with a grassy stage, many traps are spread out in the game, from flying spikes to spikes you can stand on, after the stage, you fight a grassy boss that gives you a gem after you beat it, upon grabbing the gem, you get the 'infinite jump' ability. Next, you go to the 'air' stage, my one problem with this stage, is the lack of reveal for the infinite jump ability, so if you don't know that you can equip the ability, you'll be stuck in an empty room and be jumping like a maniac. The stage contains one screen that when you jump into the next, will be the same screen but buffed slightly, the design was pretty good for the stage but some jumps were a bit frustrating,(there's also 3-4 angle jumps followed by a corner to skip the main screen on your left path). The boss for this stage was okay as well, not a big fan of one of the attacks, which was a horizontal bubble spray that was hard to see because of the transparent background. Upon beating this stage, you get a blue gem, and the H20/02 ability. This ability allows you to switch between breathing modes (H20 on = Breath under water | 02 = Breath in air) This is very useful for the next stage, the water stage. The water stage was pretty decent, despite a few annoying jumps like pretty dumb diamond jumps, and the infinite jump ability can be abused to make some screens easier. The boss is a whale that shoots balls, spikes, and chains at you. The boss was ok, as the RNG did make the boss kind of annoying(No powerups). Finally, the fire stage. This stage didn't offer anything easy, there were lots of annoying jumps and the final screen showed the game as unfinished. There is a fire gimmick that flames up and down every 4 or 5 seconds.Upon beating this stage, there is nothing else, just a save and an empty room, so I guess getting here would be considered finished.

My finally opinion: This game was pretty good, annoying jumps here and there, would recommend to people bored on their phone.

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Rating: 4.0 40       Difficulty: 50 50
Feb 24, 2018
For: I wanna go the
Horror game with less than 5 traps and mediocre jumpscares, you'd hit a door at the end, and by the looks of it the game is over there, however there could be more and I'm not seeing it but I haven't figured it out.
Gameplay is somewhat fun and easy, except the whole game you are a a source of light and the rest of the game is dark, this does make the game somewhat annoying.

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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 20 20
Feb 11, 2018
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