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19 Reviews

For: I wanna get cancer 2
When you get banned for uploading a bad game and uptight people get pissed for no reason

that's a #1 victory royale for bummerman

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Tagged as: Despacito
[16] Likes
Rating: 0.0 0       Difficulty: 90 90
Jul 24, 2018
LonkAO [Creator]
For: I Wanna Victory Royale Sans Fortnite
Don't savehack onto the 4.5 ledge or Sans will make you have a bad time

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Tagged as: Meme Masterpiece
[20] Likes
Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 54 54
Jul 22, 2018
For: I Wanna Be The Beach
Let's go

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Tagged as: Spongebob
[7] Likes
Rating: 0.1 1       Difficulty: 96 96
Jun 27, 2018
For: I wanna be the ATK 2
Rating is based on a version with the impossible jump modified to be possible. Left warp is much harder than right warp.

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Tagged as: Needle Trigger
[0] Likes
Rating: 1.0 10       Difficulty: 99 99
Jul 27, 2017
For: I wanna be the Boshy
Production value through the roof, but unfortunately there's pretty much zero good gameplay to accompany it. Platforming is meh at best, and the bosses are almost all horrid. I don't think I enjoyed a single one of them.
I suppose I can see why so many people enjoy the game, but I personally am never gonna bother touching it again. So many other fangames I'd recommend over this one.

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[14] Likes
Rating: 0.5 5       Difficulty: 70 70
May 10, 2017

1 Game

GameDifficultyAverage Rating# of Ratings
I Wanna Victory Royale Sans Fortnite 76.7 2.9 17

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I Wanna Victory Royale Sans Fortnite 54.0 2.0