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I wanna be the hanamogeta N/A 8.5
I wanna be the DAREJAR N/A 6.8
I wanna go BANANAS! N/A 5.7

4 Reviews

For: I wanna VANILLA
Honestly, even with all the production value, online leaderboards system, visuals shop and the different modes, this feels like a proof of concept rather than the actual game. Procedural needle generation is, while made perfectly well here, not enough variety in gameplay to make it that much interesting, and bosses are so laughably simple that they feel like a placeholder. Imagine playing Isaac but without any items. This game's concept is really interesting, and while it will take a lot of work, I would love someone to try to expand on this.

I also can't be mad at a game that procedurally makes better needle than I do.

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Rating: N/A       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 12, 2021
For: I wanna be the hanamogeta
Cleared on Medium, which is really important since there are significant gameplay changes between Medium and Hard, including wuss blocks on Medium, changes to bosses and enemies on Hard, significant buff of cave's gimmick and secrets, exclusive to the difficuty on Hard .

Hanamogeta's games are always top tier in terms of production value, but some design choices in both BANANAS and DAREJAR made me very wary of gameplay side of things. Thankfully, in this game his creativity gone to making interesting gimmick stages.

The overworld is 4 stages of non-linear fine trap platforming. I would say that right-side way felt like BANANAS design while left-side way had more of DAREJAR feel. Bosses of overworld were pretty simple and fun, the only a bit questionable being the UFO underwater race, because for half of the save you don't really need to go fast since you would have to wait for UFO to shoot the laser anyway.

The goal of overworld is actually collecting the minigame cassets, which are the real content of hanamogeta. When you start playing the minigames game turns from BANANAS to Variety 100. Overall they were really fun, even though I feel most of them are a bit too long.

Tutorial: Well, it's the tutorial, as simple as it can be in a trap game.

Shifter: Suprisingly, very fun puzzle stage, with mostly connect-the-path and push-block puzzles on top of shifting the tiles gimmick. Some rather important interactions are not explained, which may cause going for a red herring in a specific puzzle until you discover the thing by yourself or get some help from other sources. Really liked it though afterall.
Swapper: Also really good clone-kid puzzle stage, where you can swap between your clones. There is at least 1 puzzle I think I did not do the intended way. Really liked it, even though I don't usually comprehend clone-kid well.
Ink: A stage where everything is invisible, but you can splatter ink on it by shooting or touching it. I really like the game this stage is based on, and I do feel like due to ink not saving after death/dissapearing over time unlike in said game this feels a bit worse. Still pretty fun... right until the last room, which feels just like slightly easier invisible maze due to most of the spikes being almost impossible to paint without dying. The maze itself is pretty interesting, but it would be better if it was not invisible.
Canvas: Remember stage 3 in BANANAS? This stage is it, but way better. Mouse-controlled draw-the-way puzzle, but this time the way stays until you start painting a new one. To balance it out, each way has a limited length. A bit more trappy than the previous 3 stages but still fun.
Galaxy: Stage, focused on circular gravity and shooting through the space. Really specific and has it's not that good moments, but really unique and interesting. Also, I've got a huge lag mid-stage, so there might be a memory leak, be wary.
Final stage: Clearly meant as a parody stage, it has an uninspired corridor needle, and I gone through with it until I noticed a plane out of nowhere and got the funny. You can actually shoot any of the spikes. After that, this stage was a breeze. Final boss is significantly harder than all of the previous bosses, pretty varied and all of his attacks are well-telegraphed, however, the transition to phase 2 of the boss can and will mess up the attempt very easily, so you have to be very careful when his health is around half. Also, in phase 2 boss can do one of attacks the other way, which is additionally very precise and I never survived it.

Overall, I really enjoyed hanamogeta, and I might even replay it on Hard when I will get better.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: N/A
Sep 12, 2021
For: I wanna be the DAREJAR
A adventure/trap fangame with some interesting cycle-based platforming and traps, that mostly sour the experience instead of making it. Soldier traps all boil down to "get behind the block and shoot", and it's made in an interesting way only a couple of times. Each stage has at least 1 save that is way less fun than it has to be due to truly upsetting traps. The brightest example is the infamous asynchronic RNG jumpspikes screen, which I actually really liked due to how you can always read the pattern of spikes, which makes it actually pretty consistent. But the fact that there is an entire choke screen with a wild goose chase and a flyingspike trap at the end makes this save infuriating to play. Other examples are moving platform screen in stage 2 with backtracking and soldier trap in the end, and last save of the first screen of stage 3, with a trap that saves you on a previous save. However, the platforming itself, while requiring a tactical approach, is surprisingly interesting.

There is not much to say about bosses, they are all fine, but nothing to write about.

I did enjoy figuring out all the platforming and stomached all mostly meh traps, but it is probably not for everyone.

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Rating: 6.8 68       Difficulty: N/A
Aug 28, 2021
For: I wanna go BANANAS!
Cleared on Medium with no secrets.

An adventure/trap fangame with good production value and mostly decent but sometimes really questionable level design.

World 1 and 2 are your general trap stages, some traps are really good, some are kinda unfair. Boss 1 is some simple visual challenge, and boss 2 is a varied and fair boss with arena destruction.

World 3 is, personally, my favorite part of the game, but probably mostly because I am already used to mouse gimmicks from some other games. Platforming may feel a bit tedious due to how carefully you have to move/refresh your ground, but it doesn't really require using a mouse mid horizontal jump anywhere if done right. A trap at the end of the stage is really questionable though, especially since there were no traps before that. Boss 3 is laughably easy, and even though phase 2 is extremely jank, it does give you infinite retries and all the time in the world.

World 4 is a letdown of the game. Length of saves, amount of traps, difficulty and awkwardness of platforming - all goes up, resulting in a rather frustrating experience. Some saves are carefully hidden or appear unreachable which did cause me to skip them without even knowing. There is some truly interesting stuff near the end of the world, but most of it was unenjoyable. Boss 4 is a...servicable rhythm boss. A taiko trap after the boss, even though I managed to avoid, is a real dick move.

World 5 was rather enjoyable cycle-based stage with occasional ladders and slopes. There are some really awkward parts though, including an entire second-to-last screen before boss , which do sour the experience and generally are hardest platforming in the game. Midboss is a nice introduction to what is coming, however Boss 5 is way too fat for it's own good. This combined with really precise PK Thunder attack that is RNG how many times it happens during one attack and a special attack with messed up hitboxes and because of that is basically BlessRNG, makes for a rather unfun grind.

After managing to softlock at the ending screen, I am glad that I played this game, but I do not have the desire to touch it ever again.

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Rating: 5.7 57       Difficulty: N/A
Aug 28, 2021
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