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For: I Wanna Kill The Kamilia 3
Well, that was a long adventure. From 1.30 to 1.50

There were bad and good things. 1-4 stages of platforming... well, never again, they was just incredibly bad, except some really neat screens, like hope the end of. About bosses 1-3, flandre is pretty ok, nicely done boss, which looked cool, when i got to her.

2-nd boss, Shine and Bright - one of the best in game, imo. This is a pretty complex boss, which contains and needle parts, avoidance (as usual) and boss itself, which is really well made. I liked them a lot.

3-rd boss - pretty nice looking and epic pattern bossfight, BENZEN avoidance was pretty ok to learn.

Boss rush (1.30) - Well, this is definetely something. 2 insanely hard bosses, and 2 just hard.
Colonel - was pretty fun, even tho he was hard.
Dotkid - didn't take too long, gladly, and she was fun for that time, even with some bullshit.
Emperor - she was pretty boring at the begging, and at the end she was pretty fun, after all. Pretty much learning stuff, and dodging not so easy rng ofc.
Piano - well, that thing is... really bad. Too much boring attacks, until slow, and then you will die pretty much on last attacks cuz they are hard or bullshit. One of the worst bosses in k3, imo

After that all stuff, which will take much time, we got on influka.
Influka was really well made, even tho there was really much learning. That boss had a good k2 references, and also pretty neat attacks.

And there it is, stage 5! Secret 5 is just not worth it, even tho i grinded it. Anyway, hitboxes on Kamilia area was broken as fuck, so couldn't even do that.
And there is a new version with crystals and stuff.

Kamilia area was pretty ok, minesweeper is pretty uh... Saimon says is ok, maze was pretty fun cuz finding crystals, suddenly.

Next one - Lunarmagic. Really fun avoidance, which i liked a lot, nicely done attacks, really good sync and neat SDVX effects, which fits into that boss. Final there is really eh tho.

It's time for ca... wait a sec. Area was pretty good actually, even with snowflakes and some annoying jumps, it was pretty enjoyable. First save sucks tho.

Pi-pi-pi. Doruppi! Heck yeah, best (NOT) boss in the game. You love unfair rng which followed by insanely tight patterns? If yes, it's for you. If not, well, it will be hell. Otherwise it had nice music and cool graphics.

Rukito. That guy who made best platforming here, imo. Saves were really enjoyable, and well designed. But 2-nd saves sucks tho. And it's also had hardest save in game.

Cyber, aka Saiba. Best boss in the game in my opinion. Good designed attacks, nice sync, neat graphics, and also very fair. It was very fun to grind

Influka area. Gradius intro, moon and kamilia ba... moons. This boss is pretty nice, but you would get bored of intro, imo. Overall it's fine.

M-Stage. Platforming, which filled with generic jumps, and you need to go as fast as possible, or grape juice would've kill you. Suddenly, it wasn't that bad, as expected, but last save was pain in the ass. Also one of the hardest segments in game (Unexpected, huh?)

Kamilia, aka last boss. Boss had neat ikaruga gimmick, where you need to switch colors, and you will be invunerable to bullets, which had same color as you. First phase is pretty learny, nothing so bad tho. Second phase consist of 10 attacks, for them you need to read differently each attack, which is really interesting, and also last attack always a bit longer. Third phase is eh... all rng stuff is pretty ok, patterns are easy, and final is pretty hard, if you don't know how to deal with it. And post-final is really chokable.

Overall, kamilia 3 had too much bad stuff at the begging, and insanely good stuff at the end. Wouldn't recommend for begginers. It's really awful idea, believe me.

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Tagged as: Avoidance Medley Boss Long
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Rating: 6.9 69       Difficulty: 93 93
Dec 7, 2017
For: Domu
This game is really good, even tho at the beginning it's looks like a some trash with fancy graphics. Every stage really well made, and had it's own gimmick, which is used really nice too. Some traps were really unnecessary and annoying. Bosses here are pretty neat, and last avoidance is awesome. This game worth your time.

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Rating: 9.3 93       Difficulty: 60 60
Sep 23, 2017
For: I wanna be the Snow Drive
It was fun

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Tagged as: Avoidance
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Rating: 8.8 88       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 16, 2017
For: I wanna take the Timemachine 2
I rate this game for normal mode.
For normal mode i have nothing to say, this is really good game with neat gimmicks and stuff, as others says.

This review for Lunatic mode. Contains spoilers!

After beating extra, you can go into the lunatic mode, which is really hard and challenging. Much new stuff, new music, new boss sprites, buffed bosses and platforming.

First world is pretty ok, but even here difficulty instantly grows up, there is pretty much hard jumps, where you should know when use or not crouching, and e.t.c. Some of the gimmicks used in new way, which is pretty neat. First act more based on grinding few hard jumps, 2-nd act on going through all things really fast. Also you need a shotgun, i hope you bought it after extra.

First boss is Magnusfrost MK2, which is... Endurance test. Really, just survive a 4-5 cycles and you're done. Nothing interesting, except new music, imo.

Second world, which is the worst in game, imo. First act starts pretty ok, but then you will encounter some bullshit long saves which isn't good at all. Second act used jump refreshers, nothing really special, some saves are neat tho. Music is pretty SourPls, but not fitting for this world.

Second boss is (Techno)Brontosaurus, also he is my nightmare. It's really awful. Attacks are annoying, hard realise and do them, and also you need to do all of that 5 cycles in a row. Fun, isn't it? Ofc not. And music choice is pretty... eh? Song is pretty good, but not fitting the boss.

Third world is... Spotlight! In act 1 you will encounter some hard stuff, like usual corners (Hey, has kamilia been here?), gates and e.t.c. Also had a tas-drop save, which is really hard. Spotlight is pretty ok there tho, you can see pretty much of the level. Act 2 is... losing ability to see your character. Now only lightning can light some stuff around you, which is pretty... Interesting, in some way? It was really fun to play and re-do some stuff like helicopters. Hey, it's not so bad. Music here is insanely good imo.

Third boss is Crabmecha MK2. I hope you like to learn new patterns, cuz now he is always aim at you his things, which will blow you up, if you stand still. This boss really fun to play for me cuz of that, he is not so long, pretty interesting to read rng with aiming at same time.

Fourth world is underwater. Music here is pretty chill. First act is pretty ok, inverted controls sometimes is annoying. Second act is most think-before-doing act, puzzles are different from normal, only last save is bad.

Fourth boss is Eupoquena MK2. Music is better version than normal one, and also cuz you have to do 2 cycles, you can hear really good part of the song. Patterns is pretty ok, last attack on cycle is more fair than normal one. I like this boss.

Fifth stage had pretty nice music. First act is pretty nice until last save. True meme v-align save, yeah. It's really bad. Second act had pretty easy first screen, and then "GOOD LEVEL DESIGN" (c) starts. I hope you like 16px, diamonds spam and conveyors at the same time, and then 2f\1f jump at the end of the save. Also some very hard frameperfect stuff further. And then end of the platforming.

Fifth boss is Werahmesin MK2. Also an endurance test, pure patterns, had A LOT of hp. He is really annoying. Music is pretty nice tho.

And here we are, at the end, on the true last boss - Veilac Overdrive. He had really epic music, all attacks changed, and also now he doing a screenflip with inverted controls at the last 33% of his hp. Attacks is really neat to do, all of them fair, and hard at the same time. Also it's the first (and the last time) where you press 'ACT' while fighting, which is not bad, but you need also to do really tight attack at the same time. Some of attacks are more fair or had more interesting version of them. And he is a true challendge. Really fun, and feels like True Last Boss. Good job. That's the end.

What i have to say now, is about the difficulty. On lunatic it's platforming grows up from like 70 diff (1-st world) to like 84-85 diff (5-th world). Last boss also very hard (85-88). And also cuz this game really long, i would rate it like 90 diff. It's really worth this difficulty.

That's all.

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Rating: 9.9 99       Difficulty: 55 55
Jul 15, 2017
For: I wanna eat the Sargassum fusiforme
Tagged as: Needle Boss
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Rating: 3.7 37       Difficulty: 40 40
Jul 15, 2017
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