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For: I wanna battle the cherryies -Outer-
Rating Based on All Clear

An Adventure Game with Gimmicks mostly inspired by Celeste. The Game is separated into 9 Stages(Worlds), most of which have to be beaten in order to reach the ending, although you do sometimes get the choice between picking between 2 Stages. The Platforming starts of mostly normal but becomes more gimmicky the further you get. The Bosses range from bad to decent in the main game, which makes the quality suffer compared to the platforming which starts of decent and becomes really good in some of the later stages in my opinion. Most of the bosses have a number of attacks they cycle through before repeating their attacks, where you can only hit them on some of their attacks which can become boring at times. The Game also suffers from some of the gimmicks being a bit janky at times, causing you to die when it doesn't feel like it was your fault at times. Overall rating the main game seperately I'd say it's like 50-55 difficulty and I'd rate it around 5/10.

Now for the Post Game

Once the game has been cleared if you have cleared all other stages as well(I think), there is a puzzle hidden in another room next to the clear screen, this puzzle seems to have multiple solutions. Solving the Puzzle unlocks RED DATA, a new game mode that is way harder then the Original, features 7 Worlds, most of which are inspired by the Worlds from the main game, more gimmicks and entirely new bosses. This mode is overall way better with the interactions between gimmicks creating a nice flow in some of the stages, even though some gimmicks are still a bit rough, and their utilization in the boss fights can create some cheap deaths I would say. The second half of the hard mode is really good as this is where the platforming starts getting really fun and the bosses become enjoyable as well(for the most part).

Then there's the true final boss

This guy has 6 phases, with a checkpoint after the first and second one each. The first phase is pretty simple and uninteresting, being on the level of a boss from the main game in quality. The second phase steps it up a lot by utilizing the room layout and interesting attacks to make for a fun climactic fight. Then there is the rest of the fight, phase 3 starts off with 6 turret like things you have to shoot while dodging the attack of the main boss, this phase is kinda hard but gets really consistent later on which helps considering all the phases after. Phase 4 is the hardest one with you getting very little space to both read the attacks of the boss and timing the jumps so that the enemy you have to shoot jumps over you, as they respond to you jumping while close to them. Phase 5 is probably the easiest. Here you have to shoot 2 minibosses similar to phase 2 in boss 5, there attacks are mostly predictable or taken from the previous phases, though there is one attack where one of the heads shoots a giant black hole that if you don't aim away from your platform just instantly kills you, which is pretty cheap that far into the boss. The final phase is mostly simple as it's made up of either easier versions of previous attacks or attacks with a long time to decide what to do before getting hit. This phase is one of the better ones overall though one of the attacks is pretty tough every now and then and another can kill you the first time for not knowing what you have to do. In total this is the hardest fight in the game and a decent step up in difficulty from the rest.

In conclusion this game is pretty fun overall and going for all clear was definitely a cool challenge even with some of the bad parts from time to time. I can probably recommend this for skilled players who enjoy gimmicky adventure games with bosses of varying quality from time to time. I'm definitely looking forward to whatever this maker creates next.

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 18, 2022
For: i wanna open up a present that my grandfather threw at me
This is a pretty average Sudoku game, but kinda fun. It is pretty short and easy so it never gets frustrating even on some of the dumber sections.

Would kinda recommend.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 30 30
Dec 21, 2020
For: I wanna be the Agent
The Beginning of the Game was sort of fine but once you progress, the Game quickly devolves into a mess of bad traps and stupid gimmicks. The redeeming part are the bosses(except for Final Boss) which range from fine to genuinely enjoyable, and a few stages that have interesting gimmicks that are not ruined by the overuse of poor trap placement.

The final boss is actually the worst part of the game. It starts of with a very rng heavy and tedious first phase where the boss has way too much health and the screenwrapping bullets just tend to come at you when you least expect it. Once you are done with that phase you have to do an avoidance filled with poorly thought out attacks and a destination like attack 3 minutes into the fight that just walls you when it feels like it.

Overall I really can't recommend this game at all unless you are way too much into gimmick trap needle and even then I am sure there are a lot more better games out there than this.

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Rating: 3.0 30       Difficulty: 65 65
Jun 27, 2020
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