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GameDifficultyUser's Rating
I Wanna Kill The Blue Mage 2 61.0 9.0
I wanna try a Collab 2 65.0 5.0
I Wanna Kill Originality 72.0 4.2

3 Reviews

For: I Wanna Kill The Blue Mage 2
A rather long and great adventure/needle game, one of the best fangames to come out this year for sure. As expected from a BlueMage game, it feels heavily inspired by Rosenkreuzstilette (specially the visuals) and everything fits perfectly with the soundtrack. The platforming in general is good on its own but better by introducing the sword, managing to reward the player by making use of it even in segments where its not needed, executing certain skips and maneuvers with it or even using it for more damage on bosses feels amazing. More towards the end, the game started to feel a bit too long in my eyes, the last chapter had 2 points where it felt a bit anticlimactic and out of place. The bosses however were the highlight of this for me, the atmosphere around them was great and it was a bit more balanced than the platforming in insane mode, where it would kinda peak at one certain save then drop back down again. Overall, I would definetly recommend it, its without a doubt BlueMage's best work up till now aside from very few issues in secret bosses that will be addressed in a later version.

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Rating: 9.0 90       Difficulty: 61 61
Jan 6, 2018
For: I Wanna Kill Originality
This game is honestly not good, the stages had so many screens that weren't creative and others that had great ideas but were executed in the laziest way possible like RMJ and Kill The Guy, very few felt actually fun and different from your average medley game, specially stage 4 was really bad, unbalanced and unfitting compared to the others, the production value in this game doesnt even feel like its there and makes the game seem unfinished and more rushed than it is, the bosses are for the most part just embarassing, ones like boss 1, boss 4, solgryn don't belong in the game in the slightest and feel like no effort and care were put into them, no character and soul whatsoever. Boss 4 and other avoidances I've had a lot of lag issues with, besides various other bugs which I'm certainly hoping get fixed some time soon, as the maker has been aware of them for so long. The secrets, secret bosses and guest stages were way more fun than the actual whole medley part of the game, and the guest stages specially because they weren't directly involved with the main maker, smartkin and infern0 are wonderful makers whose areas felt rly good and just shouldve been a separate game from this one, would've gotten more recognition and not mixed in the mess that this game ended up being. One half of this game is below average, and the other feels so different in comparison. Personally i would say its worth it to go through just to play them if youre a fan of needle and avoidance, otherwise you're much better off playing the more famous and popular medley games in the community.

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Rating: 4.2 42       Difficulty: 72 72
Nov 3, 2017
For: I wanna try a Collab 2
To be fully honest, it feels like theres way too much stuff in this to take in, and most of it felt unbalanced or unfun, while the gimmicks used here and even the boss, and the production value of all of the game is relatively high, they couldve been executed in better ways. 2 years seem like good enough time to have changed a lot of this imo. a lot of the stages also seemed to have very similar styles besides like 3 makers specifically, everything feels like it couldve been done by piece and theres not as much variety as there was in collab 1. the needle is more well made and fun, the soundtrack is rly good but i def expected more of the platforming and bosses than outdated memes, gibs and focus in prod. value.

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Rating: 5.0 50       Difficulty: 65 65
Oct 8, 2017
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