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24 Reviews

For: I wanna be the Noodle Loon 2
so many interesting jumps with good design. Overall I love the visuals of jestre loona in every game he plays.
Recommend to lovers of needles

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 63 63
Oct 13, 2021
For: I wanna play Kiduija
I would like to start with the fact that I was specifically looking for a high-quality light game, no matter what style, the main thing is not to avoid. I came across it and decided to try it. I'm a huge fan of the resident evil series up to 4 parts, including it. And there are a lot of references to the resident here. The music on the menu that really fits, the menu of found items, in which the pistol, the lever for turning the mechanism (which in the classic parts 1-2), ruby ​​crystals, which are in almost all parts for opening the doors. I was a resident. If you take the game itself, then as many noted there is a feature - a strip of fear, which rather facilitates the game to the maximum, and many locations simply lose their meaning, I will explain why, since the line of fear is also a certain strip of life, you do not die the first time from thorns, monsters, from bosses, in fact, you can run any place on the thorns, wait until the line of fear descends and again jump on the monster or thorns, which makes many places uselessly easy mi (for example, an area with gas). You can skip many jumps by running stupidly along the spikes. I think that this moment can be worked out a little differently and made a purely life line, for example, there is one possibility of error before the save point.
In all other respects, the game is catchy, it is interesting, not difficult in finding paths and using objects.
I would like to mention the last boss and the first one, I really liked the visual design and the very essence of their attacks.
In general, I would recommend the game if you want to relax and run into a simple fan game

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Rating: 8.2 82       Difficulty: 40 40
Oct 12, 2021
For: I wanna go the Ocean Wetventure
I love the first stage of this game. It sets so much a light positive background and a kind atmosphere for the future that the game takes on the character of a 90s game sega, in the spirit of worm jim. This is purely my feelings.
We can say the game is a twin of jungle adventure, only with a bias in the water element and much easier to complete.
The music is great, the stages are interesting, with different features in the passage in the water.
Great and really fun game

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 58 58
Oct 5, 2021
For: Deliriant Needle
Very Short Game.I didn't notice much, it was played on the whole pleasantly. I liked the last screen with its performance

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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Sep 28, 2021
For: I wanna rely the Needle
good game for beginners. contains many important jumps for further needles in a simplified version

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Rating: 8.0 80       Difficulty: 36 36
Sep 22, 2021
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