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For: I wanna Walk Out In The Morning Dew
The game is decent, but it has too many saves that kill it (race, last of the ice, the save of stacking blocks, etc)
Even so, I understand that this can be controversial, so I explain my arguments:

1: It is indisputable that the game has a lot of production. So what?
No man sky when it was released had much more production value than any fangame and that is not why it is good.

2: Most of the game (counting practically all the needle) is very good, surely 9/10.
But as I said before, it has several saves that overshadow all the good things and make the experience unenjoyable on many occasions, so if I give it a high note, I would be giving a false version of how my experience was (and probably that of the most) from when you play it.

In my opinion and recommendation (merely personal) the best thing if you just want to have fun is to leave the game in the save of the race in the rocket kid, from there until the end it is not worth the game (except for some other save, but only that)

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Rating: 3.5 35       Difficulty: 85 85
Nov 9, 2021
For: I wanna climb the Witch's Tower
This game is something like the DLC of dark souls 1 but to Vandal, since in my opinion it is a game more difficult than Vandal, but shorter, more difficult only for the last stage, which would be difficulty 70-75 in my opinion Especially because of the save that comes before the final save, for the rest removing some other save the game is quite affordable if you have some practice, I would say that stage 1-3 has a difficulty of 50, stage 4 of 63 and stage 5 as I said earlier from 70-75.

Regarding the design, it is quite similar to vandal, so I still think it would be like a DLC of it, but the needle is completely different, and although it did not seem as good as vandal, the design is quite well done.

In conclusion, this game is 100% recommended for those who enjoyed vandal.

Pd: if there is an error it is normal, because I am using the google translator.

PD 2:
My time was 2:37 and I had 1760 deaths.

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Rating: 8.5 85       Difficulty: 65 65
Feb 22, 2021
For: I Wanna be the Zeus

(All this was written from the google translator, in case you see any errors)

The game is quite short since it only has 2 screens and a total of 15 saves, so if done well it can be overcome in less than 2 minutes

As you might suppose, in exchange for its duration, it has considerable difficulty, since most saves (except 1 or 2) have a certain complication, in fact the gate will be essential for half of the jumps and in one (the last, which by the way for me it was the most difficult by far) I needed to use numpad and make a cancel in the air, although it can be overcome using the normal cancel technique,
Usually each save has 1-3 jumps, so they are quite short.

One issue to highlight about the difficulty is that personally the second room cost me three times as many deaths as the first, although I would not consider it a good difficulty curve since half of the deaths that I had in the second room were in the last save , which by the way was the only one that cost me more than 100 deaths, the rest are all very even and I could not say which is the second most difficult, to finish this point I would like to say that there were 2 saves that were extremely simple ( -10 deaths) which were the second save of the game and the save of the second room that comes before the triple corner.

Jump quality:
I particularly liked most of the jumps and there are some very original that I did not see in any other fangame, such as the fourth save of the first room, the only bad thing is that as I mentioned before there are some that were too easy for me and they are a bit out of tune the game's difficulty line, but for the rest it seemed fine to me, so at this point I give it a thumbs up.


I wanna be the zeus I think is a fun and challenging game, recommended for those who like needle, the only requirements are knowing how to cancel and if you know how to do numpad better.

Statistics of mine:
Deaths: 396

Time: 24 minutes (I usually die a little but take a long time in fangames xd)

Finally I want to say that the link is private, I got it from an acquaintance by discord, but I imagine that if you ask for it on the discrod of the i wannas community someone will pass it on to you.

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Rating: 7.3 73       Difficulty: 67 67
Jan 8, 2021
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