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For: I wanna qoqoqo 2
I really like the first 50 floors since it focused on not making jumps overly precise and instead focused on making the room layouts interesting and fun, but after the first 50 floors the game starts to implement a lot of unnecessary difficulty that really holds the game back for me.

A lot of grindy jumps, poor save placements, and lack of many saves in general hinder the game from being as good as it could be.

Although the game ends in a really sick maze segment which I had fun with, but I seemed to find a couple skips and one big skip that seemed like a huge oversight.

I also ended up quitting this game for about half a year since one of the saves in the 70's is so hard compared to the rest of the game that it's astonishing.

Overall I feel that sunlao makes at his best when he focuses on the room layout and not making unnecessarily grindy jumps.

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Tagged as: Needle 100_Floor
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Rating: 6.0 60       Difficulty: 75 75
Mar 19, 2019
For: I wanna see the Moon
I first played this game about a year ago when I was first getting into fangames, and at the time I thought it was fine but I had expected a lot more from one of the fangames that many people called a "classic."

I replayed it fairly recently to see if my opinions on the game changed with time, and they have changed tremendously.

It's a phenomenal adventure fangame that really truely takes you on an adventure. Plenty of different worlds each with their own unique gimmicks with a design that's always fun to play. While the bosses are almost all just different variations of the default apple sprite, if you look past that they all require the player to do something beyond the generic "shoot a spike" or "spam shoot against the bad guy" type design that a lot of adventure fangames tend to overuse.

The things that bring the game down would be the production value being lacking in spots and the somewhat overuse of backtracking in the game. But honestly I never really found the backtracking to be that huge of an issue, since it's all fun and fairly simple to go through. The production value while for the time was fine, I can see it being a problem nowadays, but honestly the only thing that bothered me was the restarting music, and even that I felt added to the "vintage" feeling of the game that you can only get with old school adventure fangames.

Overall this is just a fantastic adventure game that's a pleasure to play through and made at a difficulty level that's extremely fun to play at.

Do recommend.

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Rating: 9.1 91       Difficulty: 40 40
Mar 8, 2019
For: i wanna 私は不可能な挑戦になりたいです
This was obviously made by someone from the western community, I don't know who but it's very easy to tell this is trying to imitate the style of an old crappy eastern fangame but it's painfully obvious that it isn't.

The game features some funny quirks like the bullets being spikes but only one direction and the jump sounds being switched with each other among some other things, but it also has a lot of not very funny stuff like the overuse of screen spinning and some eye straining graphics, though I will admit the bosses are pretty epic. If the game didn't come with god mode then I would've dropped it very early.

Overall I can definitely see the potential in this person as a maker, but I feel he should really go back and play more old eastern bad fangames and truely try to imitate what they do but give it some new school flare to make it stand out.

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Rating: 1.5 15       Difficulty: N/A
Feb 19, 2019
For: I wanna kill the Death tower
Another one of Mr. Jack World's masterpieces, I had quite a great time playing it.
Most if not all of the platforming in the game is ripped straight from I Wanna Be The Justice except with some triggers and spikes removed.
The bosses in the game are quite special, words can't exactly describe how amazing they are.
From the super lower quality explosion sounds to the random stick men that spawn and die, each boss has it's own special thing that makes it stand out from the rest, they also never have iframes.
The most unfun part of the game is the final boss, it has 200 hp and it does a lot of attacks that aren't that easy to dodge, but once you learn the pattern it becomes easier.
Overall I had a pretty great time with this game, can't wait to see more things from one of my favorite makers in the future.

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Tagged as: Boss Special
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Rating: 2.0 20       Difficulty: 60 60
Feb 14, 2019
For: I wanna damn the Daniel II
Should I be happy or disappointed that this game is actually pretty good?

Anyways it's a needle game split into 4 stages, then guest stages, then a final boss.

Most of the needle isn't anything insane, mostly a lot of corridor needle with a good amount of name jumps, but it still ends up being pretty fun to play.

The production value is way too good for a game of this name, graphics look pretty great and the music choices are pretty bumping.

The final fight with the man himself is also pretty fun and not super learny. Only thing I didn't like about the fight was when you kill him, he shoots out a bunch of bullets and I wasn't expecting that so it got me a few times.

The most notable thing that bring the game down is the black fade in on reload. The fade in is quick, but it's a bit loud and distracting considering how often you have to reload, I wish it didn't exist quite frankly.

But overall considering the game's name you have to give it some credit for being pretty decent.

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Tagged as: Needle Daniel
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Rating: 7.0 70       Difficulty: 55 55
Jan 25, 2019

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